The Work Out

***Please note: I’m no expert. Before starting any work out program, consult with your physician. Also, I’m not liable for any injuries big or small that may occur from performing the work outs on this page, or any other page listed on my blog. Use your best judgement.***

6/1full body workout, day one

6/2– yoga; 10 min abs

6/5– 3 mile run

6/6Lower Body Pilates Workout; trampoline jumping for an hour

6/7- 2 mile run; Pilates workout

6/8HIIT workout; 10 min abs

6/9upper body workout

6/10– Rest

6/11– Hiking

6/12– 4 mile run

6/13– 4 mile run

6/14- Total body workout; yoga

6/15– 10 min abs

6/16– 3 mile run

6/17Pilates lower body workout

6/18– Rest (sick)

6/19– Rest (sick)

6/20– Rest

6/21– Walked

6/22upper body workout

6/23cardio yoga fusion

6/24lower body workout


9 thoughts on “The Work Out”

  1. I keep a running list of mine in a google drive document. I struggle sometimes thinking I’m not doing “enough,” but the list lets me see that overall I’m taking less rest days than work days, and that helps me stay motivated to keep adding to the list. Loved looking around your site this morning. 🙂

    1. I’ve been noticing that as well! I notice when I get super sore and feel “worn out”, it’s often after I’ve got more than a week without a rest day. I think I need to start picking it up, though. I’ve got a few things to train for, and I haven’t put much effort in lately. Thank you for commenting!!! I’m checking our your blog, too. 🙂

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