Seed of the Sunflower, by Lisa N. Edwards

**May contain spoilers for Can’t Fight Fate and Chasing Butterflies, but you can win all three books right here!**

Can the words of a Psychic influence your thoughts? Your Choices? Your Destiny?

What if a Psychic could see your future?

Nikki is a Hollywood entertainment lawyer who thinks she’s found the green-eyed man. Her soul mate; foreseen by the Psychic when she was 21.

But has she?

Sometimes all it takes is time… (Synopsis courtesy of Amazon)


It seems as though Nikki’s story has come full circle in Seed of the Sunflower, the third installment from the “Can’t Fight Fate” book series. While she’s still grappling with the fact that she was promised a certain destiny several years ago, I felt as though Nikki was grabbing the reigns in her life and making a more conscious effort to live more by her own rules than someone else’s.

You can’t wait for life to happen to you. Often, you have to make life happen. Nikki is starting to adapt to this concept where her relationships are concerned, not only romantically but platonically as well. While I appreciated the growth we see in our main character, it’s in the supporting cast where we start to really see change and acceptance. Like with Siobhan, Nikki’s best friend. Her life has been all over the place, yet she’s starting to grow some roots, helping Nikki find her own roots, too.

Even when the roots are haphazard. Nikki always finds herself in certain situations none of us could fathom, good or bad! At times, I found myself a little envious of how easily she lands certain jobs, gigs, men… other times, I found myself happy that I live the lifestyle I do, because I know where I am and what I’m about. She’s still trying to figure it all out, little by little. Slowly coming to terms with the fact that maybe the psychic had been wrong all along. Or, maybe not. And, what’s a soul mate, anyway?

Ultimately, we discover whether Nikki ever finds her green-eyed man, and whether it’s all worth it in the end. I highly recommend reading the first two books in the series, Can’t Fight Fate (reviewed here) and Chasing Butterflies (book number 2, reviewed here), in order to follow this journey from start to finish, gaining a better understanding of whether you really can fight fate.

Thanks to Lisa Edwards for the book in exchange for an honest review. She has three sets of e-books and one set of print books to give away! Enter to win by visiting Chick Lit Central.


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