It’s Okay. It’s Normal.

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It was Melissa’s turn for a topic, and she picked: I know we all want to “flip the bird” to 2016. However, I thought we should write about good things that have happened in 2016 either in the world or in our personal lives, so that the year doesn’t feel like a total waste.

I’m not sure why… but I thought about a phrase my former gynecologist would often say to me after I’d see him for a check-up. Our visits were usually baby-centered, considering he delivered both my sons, and when I’d complain about a new pain or some strange body issue I wasn’t used to during pregnancy, he’d tell me: “It’s Okay, Sara. It’s normal.”

He had a slight Venezuelan accent, tight clipped and fast-spoken. Nine times out of ten, he was spot on. When I freaked out, it was nothing to worry about. Everything would be okay.

That’s how I feel about 2016. There’s a lot to be disgruntled about, and not just from a political standpoint. The other day, my husband told me we needed to hurry up and get through this year, so we can start fresh with 2017. I don’t even think we’ve had that bad of a year on a personal level, yet it feels so stressful and jam-packed! Too much going on, and not enough time to handle it.

Eventually, I’m hopeful that we’ll all be “okay”. That the upheaval so many of us are feeling right now, for whatever reason, is a normal part of life and we’ll be able to start fresh next year. I think my new catch phrase will be “HOPE”. It’s what I cling to, right now, through turbulent times.

On that note, I know I’ve had some good times this year. Even the times that have a little chaos mixed in. Like our recent trip to Oregon. We went on vacay to visit with family for Thanksgiving. Little did I know my little guy would end up with a double ear infection. Or that I’d have an upper respiratory infection, with sinusitis to boot. The majority of the plans made were cancelled. But the stuff that stuck was seeing good friends and family. We did the best we could with what we got, and while it doesn’t feel like it was quite enough, it was something.

Four Generations

I ran my first half-marathon in four years. I wasn’t sure I’d ever run a long-distance race again, but I did it. I had a cold, but I stuck it out, anyway. There have been so many races I’ve had to cancel in recent years due to illnesses, weather, even a mud run that went bankrupt. I wasn’t out for glory, or to set any records. My goal was redemption, plain and simple. To say I ran a race I’d trained for and paid for. When I crossed that finish line, it felt good.


I scored an “A” in my first college class since 1998. I never scored anywhere near that high in my younger years. Those who knew me then would never say I was a “good” student. But I really enjoyed this class, and maybe it’s not a “real” class, something a fellow student recently mentioned to me. I guess he doesn’t feel it’s tough, since it’s a writing class, but I worked hard at it. I even entered my first writing competition in years. I’ve discovered that writing isn’t an easy “A”. Not when you pour your heart and soul into something. This was my tester class, the one that would make or break any future courses. You can bet I’ll be signing up for more in the next term.

The holiday season will be a blur this year. We’re moving soon, between homes over Christmas. I’m already trying to find stuff I’ve packed up, and feeling as though I haven’t packed enough. Even with everything going on, I’m looking forward to our new home. I’m ready to put some solid roots down. I’m ready for a positive change for my family. I’m sure it’s going to be a blur over the next few weeks, but it should settle down next year.

I hope for a much smoother ride into 2017, for all of us. That we’ll all be okay. That even with the chaos, we can find the “normal” somewhere in there, the silver linings. I can feel the clean slate looming ahead, welcoming me in for a chance at a new beginning.




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