Book Review: Three & Out, by Laura Chapman

Having read the first two books in the Queen of the League series, I was looking forward to catching up with Harper, to see what life had in store for her and her crew. One thing is for sure: it’s never a dull moment! Although Harper finds herself stuck in a job that she’s less than enthusiastic about, what’s going on in her personal life and other external conflicts really add to the chaos in her world. Particularly when one of Brook’s good friends shows up out of nowhere. Or when Brook’s employers do all they can to stir the pot.

And speaking of bad bosses… Harper never would have imagined she’d find herself in such a tough compromising position. Brooke’s job is very important to him, to the both of them. When his boss crosses a line that should have never even been embarked upon to begin with, she’s not sure which direction she should go in, who she should talk to, or if she should say anything at all. I really liked how Laura Chapman approached this- I felt as though it was a very real and honest look at how a woman, in this case Harper, feels when stuck in the middle of a bad situation.


I could see just how much growth Harper has had since First & Goal and Going for Two. It wasn’t so long ago that she’d been single, and while she enjoyed and appreciated her life as a single woman, it was like her story really began when she met Brooke, because she discovered so much more about herself. Fast forward to the present, moving out of state, starting over where she doesn’t know anyone, and having conversations with Brooke about potentially starting a family. Is she even ready for such a huge commitment? Are either of them?

And as always, there are layers of fantasy football league scenarios- while I haven’t signed up with any league as of yet, every time I read one of Laura’s novels, I always feel this immense need to do so! She makes it sound so fun, and I love that it showcases how fantasy football isn’t just a man’s game. What an awesome way to empower everyone into being part of something they enjoy. Three & Out is definitely a big win in my book for Team Chapman!

Originally reviewed for Chick Lit Central


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