Those Crazy Notions of Otherwise Intelligent People

I can’t say enough about “Crazy Notions.” Seriously. It was that good. Percy Powers is the character that we all want to read about, even when we know he’s no good for us. He has that certain something that makes you instantly drawn to his acerbic personality. Deep down, he’s got a good heart. There’s so much of him that wants to do the right thing, even when he places himself in the wrong place, at the wrong time nearly every time.

Ilena is trying hard to move on with her life. The dedication she puts forth to women in need stems from her own past, skeletons in the closet she’d rather keep buried for eternity. It’s easier to shut herself off from the chaos in the world, focusing primarily on her son. He’s seen his own share of tragedy, and she feels partly responsible. It was interesting to see the gentle give and take between mother and son, and the dynamic element that Percy brings to the table when he interacts with those two. In some moments, there are two steps forward, three larger steps back. Moving in such a way that would totally be relatable to anyone who has been in the position of trying to mend a rough patch. It’s slow going, at times cathartic.

What I enjoyed the most is the comedic timing and humor in this novel. It was funny and very charming, a lot like Percy, I imagine, with a steely wit submerged into various elements of emotion and drama. My hope is that sometime in the distant (or not so distant) future, that there will be a sequel for Percy, Ilena, and Sammy, not to mention the other remarkable characters who made “Crazy Notions” the awesome read it is. I’d love to see where their journey takes them, for better, or for worse.

Reviewed for Chick Lit Central

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