Sunset in Central Park, by Sarah Morgan: Enter To Win a $25 Gift Card!

**WARNING: May contain spoilers for Sleepless in Manhattan.**

I’m a big fan of the “From Manhattan With Love” book series. After readingSleepless in Manhattan (reviewedhere), I couldn’t wait for Sunset in Central Park. I was eager to learn more about Frankie and her personal story.

For Frankie, love has never been a priority. In fact, it has no place in her life. It’s best to focus on her gardening, the plants that never give her any trouble, that never argue back. The mystery/horror novels she spends hours reading, that she can escape into. Lost within a reality that isn’t hers. Keeping a wall built up by wearing the baggiest clothing, lacking femininity. Anything to keep men away.

Well, most men. Her best friend’s brother, Matt, is someone she’s known for most of her life, a dear friend. If only she could squash the more than friendly feelings she’s developed for him over the years. Anytime she looks at him, her heart races. The yearning she’s kept buried seems to find the surface, complicating everything she’s worked so hard to build. It’s safer to hide away, to steer clear of burning desires. Most people, men, can’t connect with her, because they don’t understand the things she finds enjoyable, but Matt does. Or more importantly, he understands her.

Matt has feelings for Frankie, too. He knows she tries to hide from everyone, including herself, but he sees through it. He sees right down to the center of her, and it’s scary and enlightening, for the both of them. He wants so badly to be let in, to help her break those barriers that she tries so desperately to hold onto, but he’s not sure how to do it. Frankie has been through so much in her life, more than he knows. If he discovers her secrets, will he run away?

Many of us can identify with Frankie, with the reasons why she’s chosen to protect herself from relationships, from falling in love. I felt like I was right there with her, terrified at the thought of being with someone, yet terrified at possibly ending up alone. There’s an endless struggle, with the highs and lows that lends a complimentary take on what a relationship is really like. It’s those qualities and so much more that makes Sunset impossible to put down, and I’m looking forward to reading Miracle on 5th Avenue, #3 in the series.

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