One Wrong Move, by Meirav Oz

Karnie has always wanted to lead a life that exudes success. Something that would really impress others, which is why she’s an Account Executive at an Advertising Agency in Tel Aviv. It’s fast-paced, incredibly busy, she works with big-name clients on a near daily basis. It’s the kind of lifestyle she could only dream about.

Yet, being an Account Executive looks good only on paper. The reality of the job is filled with frustration, irritation. She doesn’t understand what a typical nine to five even means, because Karnie puts in at least twelve hour days, if not longer. Her work encompasses her world, and she’s having a really hard time finding any sort of balance between her personal life, and her professional one. Her mother is constantly on her to find a man, settle down. Have children. And it’s not as if Karnie hasn’t thought of those things, but she finds herself in a situation where that life just isn’t in the cards.

Until she finds herself ensconced within a whirlwind romance, one that has suddenly struck her like lightning, unable to even catch her breath for one moment to reflect on their relationship. He’s an artist, and a brooding one at that. While her heart wants to sink into everything this man has to offer, her head is trying to get her to rationalize, to think about what exactly she’s getting herself into. Is he the man for her, or like her job, will he only look good on paper?

Karnie feels as though she can’t find any sort of moderation at her employment, because there is always someone else who is waiting to fill her coveted role. But by the same token, doesn’t she deserve to have a life, too? It’s become a lonely existence for her, and there have been too many nights where she finds herself alone, at home, with no one to share it with. Are there any benefits to leaving her single life behind, or will she be giving up everything she’s worked so hard for? Can’t she find a way to have it all?

One Wrong Move was cleverly written from a single woman’s perspective, yet the theme of the story can apply to any one of us. We’ve all experienced the burden of being stuck between a rock and a hard place, not quite sure on which direction to go to break free. While the initial read started out a little slow-paced, it does pick up, and I found I was starting to learn more about Karnie, as well as the co-workers who in some ways are like her family, along with her “real” family, who she doesn’t always get along with. I found myself rooting for her, even during the moments where I felt my own frustrations, especially when she’s just not seeing the writing on the wall. Life is like that, though. Sometimes, it might take us a little longer to understand what we really want to accomplish, even if it’s not the general consensus.

Reviewed for Chick Lit Central

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