Chasing Butterflies, by Lisa N Edwards

I enjoyed Butterflies, and found it a lot more intensive than it’s predecessor, Can’t Fight Fate. The plot was so much more intricate, and there were a lot more twists and turns to the storyline. I feel as though Lisa N. Edwards has really honed in on her characters, and brought Nikki to life.

Amidst the chaos is the remarkable love like Nikki finds herself wrapped within. The psychic had informed her that the love of her life would have green eyes, but does he really exist? Can she rely on the words of someone who doesn’t really know her, or is there some truth to being aware of who she is giving her heart to. Or, was that, “beware”?

Yes, Nikki has found romance in her life, and she’s still searching for “the one”. I got the feeling that Nikki is always searching for that perfect white picket fence. But the real story here involves her friendships, and who’s really there for her when the chips are down, and who she’s willing to throw it all away for. The best part is the relationship between Nikki and her best friend, Siobhan. They make an unlikely pair where friendship is concerned, reminiscent of The Odd Couple, yet you can tell just how close they are, and when pushed to the limit and tested past the point Nikki ever thought possible, she does everything she can to help Siobhan when she needs her the most.

Reviewed for Chick Lit Central

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