The Beasts of Bellmont Park, by Hud Saunders

I really appreciated how candid Hud Saunders was, with his characters. While there is still a little love between Paul and Laura, we get to see what they are really thinking and feeling, and it’s not sunshine and roses. Both are very dissatisfied with their marriage, and they are walking a thin line between staying the course, and finding greener pastures. A lot of the time, particularly with Paul, I found myself disgruntled with the way he’d talk about other women, his false sense of Lotharioism. But, it was those mannerisms that really made Paul who he was, whether I agreed with him or not.

After Paul finds himself plunging head-first into the wrong crowd, he starts to see life for what it really is, and those revelations are astounding. I think clarity often comes from situations where we feel the most vulnerable, and that can totally change your perspective on things. While he’s dealing with that, he’s also having to work hard to stay alive, dragging his family into the mess he’s created for himself. I felt as though Paul just couldn’t help it. He’s one of those types who blindly walks into a hornet’s nest without looking first.

The situation goes from bad to worse, with car chases and all sorts of fast-paced shenanigans that really had me riveted. I had such a hard time putting this book down, because I wanted to find out what would happen to Paul, to Laura, their marriage, their family, and the other characters who rounded out Belmont Park nicely. I’m hoping for a sequel!

Reviewed for Chick Lit Central

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