Friends Like These, by Hannah Ellis

Friends Like These is a true testament to how quickly your life can change, even when you’re trying hard to keep things at the current status quo. After a devastating break-up, Marie coasts through life, relying heavily on the routines in her world. If she can keep herself at a distance, it means she can keep herself from getting hurt again.

After feeling a lot of pressure from one of her co-workers to attend a speed dating class, Marie finds herself on a very bizarre, whacky journey, with a group of unusual characters she ordinarily wouldn’t find herself involved with. Mixed in is Brian, a man who does nothing but infuriate her and annoy her at every turn, yet he’s on her mind nearly every single second of the day. Is he someone she could actually see forever with, does he feel the same way about her? Even if he did (fat chance, in Marie’s opinion), is there any guarantee it would work out? Given what she’s experienced in the past, it’s hard to believe in any sort of happily ever after.

This was such a fun read, showcasing a very honest, candid look into Marie’s life, into her psyche. I really enjoyed how she was blunt and said pretty much whatever was on her mind, even when it made her look less than stellar. The same could be said for the other characters in her world. Even though Marie pushes back against her new friends and everything they represent, they are mirror reflections of the inner turmoil and struggle Marie is dealing with. Strength really does come in numbers, and as mentioned in the synopsis, we don’t always get to choose our friends. Sometimes, they choose us.


Reviewed for Chick Lit Central

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