My Sons, Writers. Part Deux.

If you’ve been with me for a few years, you know I’m in good company on Thursdays. Check out this fantastic group of ladies,  giving insight on various topics.  Click on:

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For this week, it’s a free for all. We can write about whatever we’d like, catch up on any posts we weren’t able to complete, take a break, even, if we’d like to.

So, I went through some old posts of mine, finding the ones I felt would make for an adequate update post. There were a few contenders, but nothing that really stood out for me. The one I kept coming back to, was one I’d written regarding my oldest son.

He was seven at the time. A budding author. I was so proud of him, proud of the way he presented his story to me, the way he smiled yet looked a little vulnerable while he waited to see how I felt about his writing. Since that day, his desire to write has waned and waxed on a time or two, yet he always comes back to short stories, writing a few chapters and eagerly awaiting my critique. I wish I could be that forthcoming when it comes to my own stories.


His creations border a little on the science fiction side, sprinkled with a dash of horror and action/adventure/fantasy. Maybe he’s creating a new genre that none of us have heard of, yet. Or maybe he’s highly influenced by the Star Wars/Hobbit/Alien movies (he’s never watched Alien, before, so I’m not sure where the fascination for it comes from). Whatever it is, it’s the one time I’m not actively trying to monitor his screen time. He works online, using Google Docs, just like his old mom. A chip off the old block.

And his younger brother? He’s working on it, always working on it. He has to do whatever big brother is doing, but I don’t think he gets it yet. However, the other day when he suddenly had a craving for ice cream cake (my kids are sweet hounds, just like me) he wrote this:


It says: “Chocolate at the top. Ice cream at the bottom.” Just in case I didn’t remember the concept of the ice cream cake.

It’s only the beginning. I imagine a day where my two sons will collaborate on something, creating a masterpiece that will become a huge bestseller. I may be dreaming big, but I’m their mom. That’s my job.

Sort of on an unrelated note, yet not entirely edging away from my topic this week, this commercial totally reminds me of my sons. Any mom of two (or more) boys can probably relate to this, too. As confirmation, my oldest agreed that it was totally the sort of relationship he has with his little brother, which makes me grimace a little (I see a lot more bickering in my future) but makes me smile, too.


2 thoughts on “My Sons, Writers. Part Deux.”

  1. It’s great that your boys like writing and being creative, and also that they get along with each other. My boys collaborated on a play over the weekend and both contributed some funny lines. I love the way they think.

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