Written in the Stone, by Ryan Hall

I felt as though Written In The Stone was a bit of an enigma. What starts out as a story pertaining to a man who doesn’t feel he’s lived up to what life has handed him, ends as a story about perseverance and family. Thrown in the mix is Ethan’s background. He’s had to live with a horrific experience that has thoroughly tainted his potential for happiness. I got the feeling that he’s decided the best way to deal with it, is to carry on and do his best to suppress the traumatic memories, yet when tragedy strikes again, it only reopens the wound.

Even amidst the chaos, Ethan soon discovers corruption within his past. There is a lot more going on than what he’d ever imagined, which is hard for him to wrestle with or to even believe. Not only within the folds of his family, but within the horrific experience he’s tried so hard to move past. He’s been given an opportunity to blow the whistle and release everything Pandora’s box has held onto, but he knows in doing so, all hell will break loose.

What I liked the most about “Written” is how frank and honest it is. Through Ethan’s enigmatic behaviors, I was in his head. He brought me into his world, and I got to see him transition and grow, even when life threw him curve balls. It would be interesting to see where he ends up, how he deals with it, and what life has in store for him and for his family.

Reviewed for Chick Lit Central

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