The Anti-Officer: True Story, by Sonja Landis

I wasn’t sure what to expect from The Anti-Officer. Knowing Sonja Landis in person from a while back, I was fully aware of her status in the Air Force. That she was an Officer. That she was gone an awful lot, on deployments, often returning with a deep, dark tan anyone would kill for. But, that was really the extent of my knowledge. Civilians aren’t privy to the behind-the-scenes footage of what really happens on base, and if you ask, you’re always rewarded with a very discreet answer. I knew what she did, but I didn’t really. I knew what I was allowed to know, period.

I made the conscious effort to read Anti-Officer as though I didn’t know the author on a personal level. I wanted to make sure that the image I already have of her wouldn’t cloud my judgement. I can honestly tell you that, even if I didn’t already know Sonja and think that she’s awesome and kicks some serious a**, I would have definitely formed that opinion after reading this novel!

She begins her journey in the military with a ton of rude awakenings, finding out that there’s a lot more to it, than signing your name on the dotted line. Boot camp, survivor training, constant deployments and having to deal with people you’d rather not have interactions with, are just a few of the hurdles Sonja faces. But, she faces them bravely, ultimately finding a silver lining in mostly every situation.

She has a wicked sense of humor, too, which gets her through a lot of strange and awkward situations! Like the guy who becomes her stalker. Or, the many times she has to deal with other airmen in the cockpit, the only woman on board. As mentioned on Amazon: Twists and turns, unbelievable international adventures and mishaps from England to Greece to Saudi Arabia to Japan, unveil a story you’d never imagine could happen to just one person. And in the end an uplifting message prevails: Let our human weirdness connect us all!

Laced within her experiences, are the personal relationships she has with her family, like her boyfriend turned husband, turned ex, and the many revelations that come with the birth of her son. Everything is told from a realistic, no sugar-coating perspective, making it feel as though you’re going through it all with her.

I came away from reading The Anti-Officer knowing so much more about Sonja than I’d ever imagined I could, and finding even more respect for her, and for the military, too. They do so much to protect and preserve our freedom, with honor. It was well worth the read!

Reviewed for Chick Lit Central

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