No Shirt. No Shoes. No Pajamas.

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It was my turn this week, and I’d recently read an article regarding a school that had decided to ban parents from wearing pajamas on the premises. To fill you in, check out the article here.

While reading the article, I asked myself: Should anyone have the right to dictate what we wear in public?

Many years ago, I was attending church one morning, and I’d noticed a woman wearing pajamas during service. Now, I’m not a steadfast, goes to church every Sunday morning kind of girl. I’m more the goes to church off and on, here and there, trying to find a place that works for me kind of girl. But, I’d always been taught, no matter what denomination, that you dressed your Sunday best.

Granted, the church was Methodist, its slogan, “the church with the big heart.” It didn’t matter what you wore, what you looked like, or who you were. That was one of the things I loved most about that church. However, I thought wearing pajamas was going a little too far.

I found out that the woman wearing pajamas had cancer, and my entire thought process and ideas on what’s “appropriate” changed. Maybe it took every ounce of energy she had to get herself out the door and to church Sunday mornings. Maybe for her, it was more important that she be there. I’m sure she was much more comfortable in pajamas, and I don’t think God was upset by her fashion choice.

I’ve worn pajamas on many occasions, while driving my son to school. I don’t get out of the car, though. My version of pajamas isn’t the standard, either. I wear my husband’s baggy sweat pants and a long, ratty old t-shirt. With flip-flops. I look like a mess, but I spend my mornings trying to get the kids up and running. I’m nowhere near ready for the day.

I won’t get out of the car, but I won’t begrudge someone else who chooses to. If I saw someone standing in pajamas, waving goodbye to their kids, I figure they’re in the same boat I had been. That they were busy getting everyone else ready. As long as it’s not some revealing, see-through negligee, I don’t see what the big deal is.

I think we should have the right to wear whatever we choose to, as long as it’s something you feel comfortable in, and isn’t hurting anyone. I know we all have our own ideas and opinions on what that means, but we’re all individuals, and this isn’t one idea fits all. I’ve seen plenty of women (and men) who wear outfits I’d never be caught dead in, but that’s their prerogative.

Now, I do feel there are circumstances where we have to abide by the rules governed. Say, an employer, who has a dress code for their staff. I’m sure pajamas wouldn’t be appropriate in an office, although I do know of many employers who are taking on a more lax approach, because they’ve discovered it makes for more comfortable, productive employees. My husband works in IT, and his last employer allowed him to show up in jeans every day. He still talks about that. He loved it!

Or, maybe you work in construction, and need to wear work boots and a hard hat. Pajamas just wouldn’t do much for you, or protect you from any potential work hazards. There has to be a little bit of common sense, when it comes to situations like that.

Look! It’s sushi pajamas!

Also, I don’t think we should walk around bare butted through the city streets, although I know there are plenty of people who have done it, have entered into bike rides/races/marches where it’s totally cool to let it all hang out. But, that’s not the usual, every day modicum. I wouldn’t be up for it, but I won’t disparage someone else who enjoys doing that. I don’t have to participate, and I don’t have to look. I’m sure in moments like that, some people would be begging for people to put on some pajamas!

I think there are so many big issues in this world. What we choose to wear shouldn’t be one of them. I have friends who feel more comfortable covered up, for religious or personal reasons. I have friends who choose to wear less, because they want to. It’s really a “to each his own” situation, an individual choice. Even if it’s pajamas. I try to teach my children that what someone chooses to wear is only part of their story, and we never know the situation behind a fashion choice. Even if it is pajamas.

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