I Am No Longer 21 Feet Tall

For this week, my blog group has decided to break protocol, and write about whatever’s on their minds. One suggestion had been to take a prior blog post, and give an update to it. While searching through my old posts, my boys were with me, and I stumbled upon one featuring the big guy, when he was the little guy’s age. His class had done an assignment for Mother’s Day, and I was the proud recipient.

I found out what my son had really thought of his old mom; he thought I’d been 21 feet tall, and I only weighed 20 pounds, among other things. His perspective has changed drastically since that kindergarten year, and I thought it would be neat to see what he thought, now, at nearly eleven, and what his little brother, at five, would think.

The bold answers are the ones from 2011. The originals, followed by today’s answers. Let’s see what my children really think of me.

My mom has brown eyes,  and brown hair.

Big Guy: brown hair, hazel eyes

Little Guy: brown hair, brownish and greenish eyes


She is 22 feet tall and weighs 20 pounds.

BG: she is about 5.7 feet tall, and weighs around 110 lbs. (God, I love this kid! That’s no where near what I weigh, but that’s okay. Did I mention how much I love that kid???)

LG: she is 7 feet tall and weighs 20 hundred million pounds. (Um…. )

My mom likes to:  clean the house. 

BG: mom likes to do blog posts.

LG: mom likes to clean every day. (Wow. He and his brother said the same thing, around the same age! I don’t know whether to be happy about this, or worry about my borderline obsessive compulsive disorder tendencies.)

My mom is happy when: it’s her birthday. 

BG: mom is happy when I don’t fight with Chance (the cat).

LG: mom is happy when you do this (he scrunches his face into a smile). It means you love me.


My mom’s favorite tv show is: Survivor. (I still watch)

BG: The Today Show.

LG: Normal tv.

My mom is very smart. She knows all about: taking care of my baby brother.

BG: Parenting skills. (Gold star for me!)

LG: Cleaning and loving, and exercising. (There’s that “cleaning” theme, again! Although, I do think I excel in loving.)

My mom likes to eat: Honey Nut Cheerios. (I never, ever eat Honey Nut Cheerios. Not then, not now.)

BG: eggs and vegetables, healthy foods

LG: eggs and waffles. (I think he’s projecting his own favorite foods)

It really bugs my mom when: I don’t go play outside.

BG: when I don’t do what you say.

LG: when Ben riles up the cat.

If my mom could have one wish come true, it would be to: have another pet. 

BG: Me and Nolan, getting into good colleges (I’m nodding my head while typing this)

LG: Uh… love Daddy, and me, and Big Brother (Once again, nodding my head in agreement)

My mom is special because: she is great!

BG: she makes food that has endless vegetables in them. Oh and, um… I’m thinking… she, um, is very nice.

LG:  you’re special ‘cuz God made you a lot bigger than me and Ben, and you make very nice juices that are spicey and normal spicy (he’s describing when I throw in oranges into the juice), and I love you when you do that.

I love these two! They’re pretty awesome, too. They put up with me, with my borderline OCD,  even with the mass amounts of vegetables I try to sneak by them. They’re really good boys!



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