First Sight, by Laura Donohue

Reviewed for Chick Lit Central

After locking eyes with a handsome stranger during a night out with her girlfriends, the last thing Maddy expected was ever seeing the handsome stranger again. Not until he shows up at her office first thing Monday morning.

In First Sight, we watch two people, destined to fall in love with one another, trying hard to resist their temptations. Maddy isn’t sure she should be getting involved with someone she works with, and really, how well does she know this handsome stranger- this Travis? Just because she feels as though they’ve got an unspoken connection to one another, doesn’t mean she’s willing to throw away everything she’s worked so hard for. Even when her closest girlfriends try to convince her otherwise.

Does Travis have feelings for her? Maddy can’t tell. Or, maybe she doesn’t want to see it. It’s safer to remain friends, even when she feels as though there is a lot more going on between the two of them. And when a terrible misunderstanding occurs, threatening even their friendship, will there be an easy way to come back from it?

I thought First Sight was a sweet read, with a realistic, flirty plot line, following the budding friendship/romance between two people who really can’t see the forest in the trees where relationships are concerned. It’s hard to believe this is Laura Donohue’s debut novel! I could easily identify with the main characters, hoping Maddy and Travis would make a decision, no matter where their relationship took them or what the outcome turned out to be.

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