Going For Two, by Laura Chapman- Enter To Win Signed Copies of the Queen of the League Series!

Reviewed for Chick Lit Central

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It’s not often I enjoy a sequel just as much, if not more, than it’s predecessor. That has been my M.O. with not only books, but movies, too. I can honestly say I enjoyed Going For Two even more than First and Goal- and let me tell you, that’s saying a lot, because I thoroughly enjoyed First and Goal!

I really get a kick out of Harper Duquaine. Although she’s what many men would categorize as a “guy’s gal”, on the flip side of that, she’s got a soft feminine side to her that is easily relatable to many women, too. She’s down-to-earth yet has quite a few flaws that make her real. Brook is just as fallible. While so many of us would yearn for a man who loves us just as fiercely and loyally as he does Harper, nothing is perfect. She wants to be supportive of Brook’s budding career, but at what cost to her and their relationship? Is there something more waiting for Harper, or is this where she needs to be, and where she’ll find the most contentment out of life?

I think I enjoyed this sequel in the Queen of the League series a little bit more, because I’m very much invested in the characters, not only the primary ones, but the supportive characters, as well. It’s really neat to see the transition that happens for Harper’s friends, the people who aide her in finding her true identity, her place in the world. I could see real growth in everyone this go around, which makes me more than eager to read the third book in this series, Three and Out, when it’s available, and what prompted this reader to give Going For Two five stars!

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