Book Review: The Canterbury Sisters, by Kim Wright

Originally reviewed for Chick Lit Central

There are so many layers to The Canterbury Sisters, an in depth look into a woman’s psyche. We read about Che, a woman who has spent a great deal of her life striving to be anything her deceased mother wasn’t, in the living years. After she meets up with her group of ladies, all traveling to Canterbury, I couldn’t help but feel as though each one represented a different facet in Che’s life, or in any woman’s life, for that matter. The sides of us we try to hide, or the personas we’ve left behind as we grow and move past our youth. Much of this story focuses on eye-opening discoveries, and truths we’d rather not be a witness to.

Having had relationship strains with my own mother, I can totally identify with Che and the issues she had with hers. So much of how Che handles the break-up with her long lost love stems from what she’d seen growing up, and for so long, she never wanted to rock the boat or make waves, fine with accepting what she’s been handed in life and never feeling she could have more than that. To throw away the familiar and embark on a journey through unfamiliar territory is scary and intimidating, but I imagine it could also be a very liberating experience, too.

The big question is: When will Che see her own worth, her own merit? When will she understand just how important she is- and that her voice matters, too? If there were ever a novel written to inspire Girl Power, this would be it, hands down! Before reading The Canterbury Sisters, I’d never heard of Canterbury, or any of its tales, for that matter. After reading about Che’s experience, I can’t help but feel the urge to embark on my own pilgrimage.



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