It’s A Beautiful Smile

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It’s Tracey’s turn, and  here’s what she picked: The most beautiful smile I ever saw

I’ve seen my fair share of smiles. Plenty have been mega watters, the kind that shine so brightly, you know there’s no way you’ll ever forget them. I’ve seen ones that make me giggle and grin, or ones that fill my heart with what my husband and I affectionately refer to as, “warm fuzzies”.

Sure, I’ve experienced many a smile, but recently I’d been reminded of the smile that nearly made me cry.

My ten-year old was feeling nostalgic last week. I think he tends to get a little wistful, just like his mom. I’m really big into my past and the novelty of it, home movies, photos, etc. He’s the same way, he just doesn’t show it as openly as I do. I figure that’s an early symptom of machismo, something I’m sure most male tweens have while they are figuring out their place in the world.

He wanted to look at his baby book, which I have on the book shelf in the living room. We’ve looked at it plenty of times before, but it never gets old, not for either of us.


Glued inside are two photos of my tween, when he was two months old. I remember the evening like it was yesterday, when I captured his first smile on camera. It was late, much later than his normal bedtime, yet he was so content and happy. So much so, that he showcased gummy grins for me. They were lopsided ones, which made them even more endearing. My eyes were wet with blurry tears, happy ones, because I was witnessing a new milestone with my sweet baby boy.

2 months old
2 months old

When my now ten-year old saw these photos, ones he’d already seen countless times, he looked up at me and tried hard to suppress a smile. It’s this new thing he’s been doing lately, where he doesn’t want me to think he’s overly excited about something. More of the machismo bit. In doing so, he was giving me a lopsided grin, just like he was all those years ago, in the photos. Albeit with a lot more teeth, but still.

It’s the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen, really.

At ten years of age
At ten and a half


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