Do As I Say, Don’t Do As I Do

If you’ve been with me for a few years, you know I’m in good company on Thursdays. Check out this fantastic group of ladies,  giving insight on various topics.  After reading my post, click on:

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After a brief break over the holidays, the blog group is back! It’s Denise’s turn, and she chose: Write about advice you give to other people and follow yourself AND/OR advice that you give other people but which you struggle to follow

I think most of us are well-meaning hypocrites, in some way, shape, or form. Maybe we’ve given advice on something, later finding out that it was bunk. Or, we give advice on something, retract it, and then go right back to what we originally said to do in the first place!

For me, I’m the biggest hypocrite where my health is concerned.

Many of my friends and family members would describe me as a pretty healthy kind of gal. I eat well. I work out. I run. I’ve had people ask me for advice on health and fitness. They have this impression that I’ve got it together, but it’s not true. Not at all.

While I encourage others to find their way to the health and wellness watering hole, I’m constantly losing mine. I’m not sure whether I’ve truly found my niche yet. What worked for me a few years ago isn’t working anymore, no matter how I approach it or how iron-clad my training program seems to be. I’m still feeling it all out, bouncing around. Re-working what I’ve done before, looking for something potentially new and different.

I’m currently training for a half marathon, my first after a three year hiatus. My heart isn’t in it. I’ve skipped scheduled runs. I’m not as motivated, not like I used to be. Then I feel immense guilt over it.

Not to mention my eating habits, which has been subpar, at best.

The thing is, I know I feel better when I take proper care of myself. When I eat healthy, I feel good. When I go for a morning run, I reap the rewards the rest of the day, mentally and physically. It’s that first step out of a warm bed on a cold morning that’s the hardest for me. I’m working on getting past that hurdle.

That’s what I relay to someone, now, when someone seeks out my advice. It’s okay to feel lost. It’s okay to not know for sure which direction to go in, while finding what works best for your own health and wellness journey. I can only tell you what’s worked (or hasn’t worked) for me, and we’re all fluid. It won’t always stay the same, and you’ll have to change it up, feel it out. Let go if you’re heart isn’t in it, because chances are, you’ll find your way back again somewhere down the line. I’m honest and real about the whole thing, and much more tolerant and understanding.

It was dark out when I went for a 4-miler this morning. I didn’t want to get out of bed, just like always, but I did, today. It has been quite a few days since I’ve gone running, and I felt really rusty, but it felt good. I’m going to work on it, a day at a time.




One thought on “Do As I Say, Don’t Do As I Do”

  1. Great approach you took to this topic! I keep fluctuating on my weight and blame it on the holidays. I’m trying to get back on schedule but can’t seem to stay motivated to update MyFitnessPal.

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