Book Review: Petit Four; Four Stories, Frosted With Love

Review for Chick Lit Central

I’ll be honest. Before reading Petit Four, I hadn’t a clue what a petit four is. After researching online, I found that it’s a small confectionery or savory appetizer. In French, it means “small oven” because the little goodies are baked in a smaller oven usually attached or located next to a standard-sized oven. I’ve never had the pleasure of eating a petit four, not to my knowledge. However, reading the cleverly-written short stories contained in this book truly is the next best thing. A brief synopsis for each story:

In “Aprèz Vous”, written by Lucie Simone, Tara finds herself in Paris, on vacation. This isn’t her first time in the City of Light. Many years ago, she had planned to go backpacking through Europe, but fell in love in Paris instead, derailing her plans. In those days, she had no clue on what she was giving up by letting go of Jean Marc and had left the relationship a horrible mess. When Tara’s niece (who is along for this Paris vacation) discovers her aunt’s past, she is determined to reunite the misguided lovers.

Cindy Arora’s “Cake Therapy” details the life of single mom Olivia. She’s been hiding under a rock for quite a few years since her divorce, not wanting to get close to anyone or take a risk where love is concerned. With the help of a few close friends and a lot of cake, she embarks on a journey into her past and finds herself (and more than she bargains for) all over again.

In Sue Watson’s “The Heart-Shaped Secret of Raspberry Jam”, we meet eccentric Milly, who works in a behind-the-times tea room. She has incredible ideas for all things cake, but no one seems to listen, not until a chance encounter with a handsome customer completely changes her world from top to bottom.

Scott is the mayor of a small-town, and the small-town has a very small-town mentality. Scott’s love interest Nicole has set her sights on opening a store in town which raises quite a few eyebrows. Can he hold onto Nicole and his job? Joel Zlotnik’s “Her Charms” showcases that there are times you have to make a compromise or two for those you love.

Fact is, I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It’s hard not to with four entirely different concepts to pique my interest, yet love and cake remains the central theme. In my world, those two go hand-in-hand, anyway! I love the locations chosen for the stories, as well. They set the tone for romance, whether in Parisian fashion, a sweet little tea room, on the sunny west coast or in a rustic small town. And as with any story that’s well-written with a primary focus on delicious goodies, it’s best to read this while eating a slice of your own cake with a tall glass of milk, enjoying this literary gem of a petit four.



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