Happy Birthday to my Sweet Boy!

For most of his life, I’ve nicknamed the little guy “Stinks McGee”. It had nothing to do with the way he smells, although there were quite a few diaper blow outs in his younger years. nolan3

I called him Stinks McGee (Stinks for short) because he was always getting into things he shouldn’t, even when you told him not to. Or doing things you told him not to do. He’s always been a little stinker.

Now that he’s the big five- he’s asked me not to call him Stinks McGee anymore. Instead, he wants to be called Sweet Boy, another nickname he’d acquired as a baby, due to his cuddly personality.


I have to admit, I’m deeply saddened. In my heart, he’ll always be my little Stinks, yet I know it’s time to retire that nickname, respecting his wishes. I mean, he is five years old, now. All grown up and everything, or so he thinks. He’s still my little baby and always will be- no matter how old he is.

He’s charming, quick-witted, and says the funniest things on a near-daily basis. Last night while bike riding, he gave me a strange look, wiggling his bottom a bit. When I asked him if he was all right, he tells me, “My shorts went into my butt, mom.” Yeah. He doesn’t sugar coat or make anything sound pretty. Blunt and honest, that’s this kid.

He’s my lovable Stinks McGee Sweet Boy, and I’m not sure where I’d be without him in my world! Happy Birthday kiddo!



One thought on “Happy Birthday to my Sweet Boy!”

  1. So cute! Happy birthday. 🙂
    I know it’s hard when our babies want to be more independent and don’t like certain things we used to do with them. I’m sure there will be more fun in store.
    I also love how candid he is! 🙂

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