Book Review: Sue Watson’s Summer Flings and Dancing Dreams

Review for Chick Lit Central

“Dance like no one is watching….”

Laura Watkins doesn’t mind living a life of mediocrity. It’s safer that way. In her younger years, she ventured outside of her comfort zone, only to end up alone, a single parent to boot. There’s safety in never doing insane, zany things. Working as a checkout clerk for a grocery store, spending nights watching a popular celebrity dance show and keeping tabs on her beloved daughter is the life for her.

Or is it?

in Summer Flings and Dancing Dreams, Laura has a lot to learn when it comes to living her life and living it well. After a completely insane Zumba class gone horribly wrong, she’s spotted by a dance instructor who can see through her fumbles and graceless appearance. After being coerced into attending dance classes, she begins to reminisce about the days past, the ones where her parents, both ballroom dancers, would whirl and twirl on the dance floor. It’s no coincidence that Laura truly does have natural talent. She just has to believe in herself and know that no matter what, the dance dwells within her spirit, even when she’s entered into a dance competition and has to push past her insecurities. She needs to let “Lola” (as her dance instructor calls her) come out and play!

This isn’t my first time reading a Sue Watson novel. I’ve read nearly all of them, each bringing their own special gifts to the table. Summer Flings was yet another great read that truly inspired me. The thing is, as we get older we often lose focus on the passions in our life. Chalk it up to feeling as though we have to “grow up” and become a full-fledged functioning member of society. It’s too easy to forget about the things that make us who we are. In reading Laura’s story, I felt as though we’re given allowance to pursue what we love to do, no matter our age or status in life. Even if it doesn’t make much sense to others, true happiness is essentially living the life you want to live, regardless of what standards everyone else puts upon you.

At the end of this journey, I couldn’t help but feel even more lit up about my own passions, wanting to pursue them and not let go. It’s okay to dance like no is watching… and even more okay to keep on dancing, even when they are.


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