Book Review: Life is But a Dream, by Andrea Nourse

Review for Chick Lit Central:

This novel is proof that nothing is ever what it seems, and that life has it’s own way of choosing a path for us that we’d never think to travel on.

Even though Rebecca has reached a level of success she’d never thought in a million years to achieve, she’s not entirely happy. Sure, she has the perfect man Kyle, and the perfect job. She’s exactly where she set out to be many years ago, when she ditched the artistic world for the corporate one, but who is she really? Rebecca has a really hard time figuring that out, while trying to be just as perfect as Kyle, all the while feeling as though she may be stifling her true self.

It doesn’t help matters when an old flame reappears in her life, throwing her back into those days where she was 100% sure on what she wanted to be when she grew up, and that life was a lot simpler when she ran with her gut, and not with what her head told her to do. She admits that her feelings for this man haven’t changed, but she’s engaged, a coupling that makes a lot more sense to the woman she is, now. Does she throw away everything she’s worked so hard for, to go back to the life she used to live, or does she hold on fast to everything she’s accomplished, and burn bridges?

I really enjoyed Life is But a Dream. Having found myself in a similar situation in the past, where I had to choose between being happy or towing the line, I could easily identify with Rebecca’s dilemma. It’s hard to know what the right decision is, and sometimes, you just don’t know if the decision you make will have an extreme effect on those around you, and their own happiness, as well. Andrea Nourse has written a very realistic novel, something most of us can identify with!



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