My 21-Day Fix Results

I had my own personal check list of the things I wanted to accomplish with 21 Day Fix. I wasn’t intent on losing weight. I wasn’t expecting some miraculous overhaul of flab to fab, fat to fit, or for anything that was already toned to be hard as stone. What I needed was something to get me back into fitness again. Something that would inspire me, motivate me. And, something that would help me with my eating habits.


The first week of the program was definitely the hardest. I’ve never been much of a conformer, and I did feel as though I had to conform and follow strict rules in order to get from point A to point B. In reality, though, this program is probably one of the least stringent out there. There’s no real calorie counting. You don’t have to monitor each and every bite that goes into your mouth. The caveat is to fit the food you’re eating into containers, aiding in portion control. I kept fairly active, following the DVD workouts and combining a 5K training schedule along with it, so I chose a higher range of caloric intake (1499-1700). It wasn’t as though I felt hungry. I was eating every 2-3 hours. My issue was, when I really got down to the core of things: desserts.

Like any well-balanced diet, desserts should be consumed in moderation. That hasn’t been my MO. I love, LOVE sweets. It’s comfort food for me, so I felt as though someone was slapping my hand, telling me those naughty foods are a big no-no. I wasn’t happy about it. I even confessed to my husband at one point, “I feel depressed.” He told me he had a similar reaction months prior, when he’d decided to eat healthier and care more about what he’s putting into his body. I imagine it’s pretty normal to initially feel sad that you can’t eat two servings of cake, or a heaping bowl of ice cream, foods that normally bring a sense of enjoyment into my life.

It’s not as though this program doesn’t allot for desserts. You just can’t eat ’em the way you probably are used to eating ’em. You know, multiple days a week. Or, lots of it. Okay, we’ll maybe that’s just me who has that problem. The first week was hard, but I really worked on keeping with the eating plan. Nearly two weeks in, though, I decided to do away with the containers. I felt I had grasped the concept of portion control, which was one of my big goals. I still stuck with eating smaller meals, more frequently, and nearly every day, I did the work outs as prescribed.

Sunday was the last day of 21 Day Fix. When it was all said and done, I missed two days of the DVD workouts, due to misc. reasons. I consumed dessert-like foods 4 times total, but did really well with portion control. At one point, I even shared a dessert with my husband, totally unlike me! I did well with not going back for 2nd’s, or 3rd’s when it was dinnertime, most likely because I was eating more frequently in the day, which meant I wasn’t ravenous at dinner. I’d say overall, I didn’t do a bad job. I’m sure I could have been more stringent, but I am happy with my results.

I’ve lost a few lbs (went from 135, to 131). I lost a few inches from various areas on my body (a little from my hips/stomach), and I gained an inch around my thighs, most likely muscle. Not bad, for 3 weeks of work! What I’ve really gained, however, is a new perspective, and a new-found enjoyment in working out. I’ve never exercised to be the skinniest body or the sexiest creature on the planet. I’ve done it because I feel good, inside and out. I’ve missed feeling strong. I love how my core feels now, after sticking with this program. I can feel the muscles engaging, my lower back feels strong, too. My posture has improved, and so has my attitude.


I wrote out a new workout plan yesterday, incorporating some of the workouts from 21 Day Fix, along with running and bicycling. I’m also throwing in some yoga, too. In October, I will start training for the Arizona Marathon, Feb 2016. I’m going to stick with halves for a while, and see where that takes me. I’m so glad I found my mojo again, looking forward to what’s in store for me, and for my fitness goals!



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