Book Review and a Giveaway: Jay Walking

Review for Chick Lit Central

Years ago, I was a single mom. Granted, my son’s father was involved in his life, yet I went from having a marriage to not having a marriage at all. I had to rely solely on myself. While reading Jay Walking, I couldn’t help but be reminded of how much hard work goes into raising a family when you’re doing it mostly on your own. Chelsea Wyatt never intended to be a single parent. She had fallen in love with Daniel, and after discovering she was pregnant, he checked out. She lives in her parent’s rental apartment located in the basement level of their home, and they help out when they can, allowing Chelsea to work full-time and provide for her son. This wasn’t the plan she had for her life, but it’s her reality.

With all the upheaval and not feeling as though she has enough time for herself, Chelsea’s health has taken a hard hit. She decides to eat healthier, and takes that first step towards living an active lifestyle by venturing out for a walk. Along the way, she falls literally into Jay’s arms, a man who is toned up in all the right places and incredibly good-looking. A little too good-looking for Chelsea, in her humble opinion, but that doesn’t stop her from having thoughts of dating him. She hasn’t let anyone else get close to her, not after the Daniel debacle.

And speaking of Daniel, he shows up again at the most inopportune time, throwing a wrench into all the hard plans Chelsea has put into motion. It’s what she’s always wanted, to have him back in her life, in whatever capacity that might be. Her son needs a father, and who better than the actual biological dad? Only, is it really what she wants? Time can heal a lot of things, yet there are certain hurts better left buried.

I really enjoyed Jay Walking. So much so, I plan on reading it’s prequel, Caching In. Chelsea’s journey was like a walk through my own rough patch in life, and I was given another perspective into how someone else might deal with feelings of loss and inadequacies. For all the struggle, there is a lot of love there, too. In the end, Chelsea has to choose between doing what she thinks would be best for her little family, or doing what would be best for her heart.


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