Lisa Jakub’s New Book- Plus A Giveaway!

I read a lot of fantastic books through Chick Lit Central. It’s one of the perks of being a reviewer for the site. Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Lisa Jakub, former child actress, for CLC, as well as read/review her breakthrough novel, “You Look Like That Girl…”

This was special to me, considering our doppelganger ties. Many people would often tell me I looked like that girl in Mrs. Doubtfire


After reading about Lisa’s childhood and what it was like for her living the celebrity lifestyle, our backgrounds are total polar opposites. I was never a celebrity (well, maybe in my own mind) and I can only imagine through her experiences what it was like getting to know someone like Robin Williams. Even with our many differences, I can relate to Lisa. I’ve been through plenty of experiences in my own life to know just how tough it is when you have to make difficult decisions in order to live a happy existence.

Check out my interview with Lisa, for Chick Lit Central, and be sure to enter the drawing; there are five copies to give away to lucky U.S. readers!



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