The Almighty Post-It Note

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For this week, Tracey picked: To-Do Items that you keep putting off.

Although I live by a strict sticky note code of honor (thou shall write down what needs to be done, and thou shall complete the tasks that are written down) I find I often have the same tasks written down day in, day out. The ones that weren’t completed the day before, so I carry them over onto a new sticky note for the next day. Yes, it’s an intricate, detailed, control-freak thing I’ve got going on over here, but it usually gets the job done. Usually.


Every day, late afternoon, I’ll compose a new to-do list on a new sticky note. This was yesterday’s. In the left-hand corner is my son’s chore money tally. You’ll notice the low amount. If he’d stop borrowing against what he already has saved up, he’d probably have a lot more. In the right hand corner is my work out for the day. I’d done my HIIT workout that morning, but I never got around to doing weights.

“Pants review” is the latest book I have yet to, well… review. “Pants” is part of the title of the book, “Has Anyone Seen My Pants?”, by Sarah Colonna. A great book, by the way.

“Move China” has been on my list for weeks. I’ve removed an old, rusted tea-pot set from my curio hutch, intending to replace it with more china I have boxed up somewhere. It hasn’t been done yet.

“Clean Honda”. That’s a running joke between my husband and me. When I write that on the sticky, it reminds me to clean out the horrific pit of trash and toys that always collects inside the CR-V. This one will often stick around as a to-do list item for weeks. When I owned a Chevy Blazer, I used to write “Clean Blazer”, and my husband would always see that on my list and declare, “CLEAN BLAZER.” Now he says, “CLEAN HONDA.”

“Blog/Write” is the constant reminder to myself to blog and write. I don’t always do it when I want to, I don’t always have the time or feel motivated to.

It’s always the stuff that’s happening outside of the sticky note that takes up my time. Spending time with my kids, my husband. Catching up on the latest episodes of Game of Thrones or Orphan Black, or my latest guilty pleasure, Younger. My family recently drove to small-town St. Francis, KS to visit my family. Four generations; me, my aunt, grandma and great-grandma all under the same roof. Five generations, including my sons.


Taking selfies with their Great Aunt
Taking selfies with their Great Aunt

It’s moments like this that can’t be captured or contained within a sticky note, and I’m a stickler for sticky notes and tasks, believe me. It’s the stuff outside of the sticky note that makes my to-do list and lack of completing the tasks a lot more bearable. Really, how important are the tasks? Not as important as spending time with family.




4 thoughts on “The Almighty Post-It Note”

  1. Now that is an elaborate Post-it Note! When I used to work in an office, I noticed that if I left a Post-It long enough, I stopped “seeing” it. It’s so weird. I guess my brain will look for any way out of chores …

  2. Great post! I love how you explain all the items. I have a list at work of “to do” items at the office. I use “The Office” paper to write it on so I get to see Michael Scott, Jim, Kelly, Dwight, Ryan, etc. staring at me as I attempt to tackle the items on the list. Then I start a new list when the one I currently have gets too messy and a lot of items still transfer over each time. I can’t wait to see your Pants review. 🙂

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