Sara, What City Are You From?

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For this week’s topic, Tracey asked: If someone you hardly knew took a look at your Facebook Timeline, what are the first three things they’d learn about you and talk about those three things.

When most of my friends were jumping the Myspace ship and seeking out Facebook waters, I wasn’t keen on the idea. I’d checked Facebook out on occasion, never feeling as though it was a good place where I’d fit in. I liked my Myspace page, I liked my profile song, I felt like it was much more user-friendly.

Apparently I was the only one. My social media circle were dropping out likes flies, so I begrudgingly opened up a Facebook profile. I hastily entered in some pertinent information, and to this day, I haven’t fully given it my all. I’ve completed 66% of what Facebook has asked of me and I don’t intend on finishing the job.

Someone who doesn’t know me would notice that I don’t have a city where I’m from, on my Facebook profile page. A lot of my friends hail from Oregon, Arizona, Nebraska… so Facebook asks me every time I log in: “Sara, what city are you from? Are you from Salem, Oregon? How about Omaha, Nebraska? No? Well, let’s try Lincoln, Nebraska. Arizona?” (I am totally paraphrasing here, but you get the idea).  I assume that anyone looking at my page would figure I’m not completely committed to the Facebook way of life, and don’t want to follow the rules.

The next thing would be the various book reviews I’ve posted onto my timeline. I review for Chick Lit Central, and the heading you’ll find on the site’s homepage sums it up perfectly: it’s a “place where people can discuss chick lit books, read reviews, meet authors and win books!” I really enjoy what I do, and I’ve had a chance to connect with authors and read incredible stories.

What’s also glaringly obvious is my love for family and fitness. The two f’s. I figure it’s standard protocol for most of us on Facebook. We’re sharing our lives with those we’ve friended (or those who have friended us). That includes family, pets (I think pets count as family) and any fitness excursions we engage in along the way. While I’ve been cutting back on the amount of posts and pictures I showcase, I’m still part of the hype, but trying to do it by my own rules.

I don’t mind Facebook, now. I haven’t used Myspace in over 6 years. It’s a way to connect, to keep other informed on my life, and it’s helped me to find long-lost friends and loved ones I’d thought I’d never hear from again.

What are some of the things a stranger would notice about your Facebook page?


One thought on “Sara, What City Are You From?”

  1. Great post. I don’t even think my myspace account exists anymore. It’s been ages since I’ve logged in there.
    Thanks for the CLC shout-out. I love having you as a reviewer and you always do great reviews and get them to me in a timely manner. 🙂

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