An Unexplainable Connection

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For this week, Denise asked: Has there even been a person, place, or thing that has drawn you to it for a reason you couldn’t explain?

I tend to run my existence based on intuition. I rely a lot on whether something “feels right”, so it’s not out of character for me to feel a connection with certain people. What will often happen is, once I’ve known someone for a while I can begin to attribute other factors into why we’re in a relationship. The other layers to the connection.

The first scenario that popped into my head is the relationship I had with my best friend and her family. From the moment I walked into her home, I felt like I belonged there. It helped that every member’s middle name was Lee, and mine coincidentally is Lea. I was considered the missing sibling, so much so that when my dad and I were having a rough time I moved in with my best friend. Her parents invited me, my dad approved, and that was it. A done deal. Although there were a lot of roller coaster rides while living there, there were a lot of really great moments, too, and I don’t know what would have happened to me if I’d never lived with them. I know it helped to strengthen the relationship I have with my dad. I garnered a lot more respect for him.


Now that I’m all grown up, I know that a big reason for the initial attraction was due to the nuclear unit my best friend had. It was traditional, her parents weren’t divorced (at that time, they divorced years later, unfortunately) but it was something I hadn’t ever experienced. I yearned for the structure.

The next scenario I thought of was my time at Tregaron Oaks. Something had propelled me into that leasing office over 13 years ago and I’m still not sure “what” it was. I only know I needed to apply for a job there, and all the puzzle pieces fell into place after that. A job I thought I’d stick with for a couple of years until I found my “real” career ended up becoming something I stuck with for nearly 12 years! I never knew I’d enjoy property management as much as I did, and it all began with Tregaron, and with the 3 lovely women who I worked with, bonded with and have become life-long friends with. My intuition paid off.

Where would I be without them?
Where would I be without them?

Lastly, and not to sound like a total crazy cat lady, but when Chance was carried into my home back in August, I never intended on keeping another cat. In fact, when my friend asked if I’d kitten-sit for her while she ran errands, I remember telling her there’d be no way this would lead to an adoption. My husband was totally against bringing in another pet to add to our dog/guinea pig/fish ratio, yet I had this overwhelming feeling that Chance belonged to me, even before we named him Chance. He was a tiny little ball of orange fur, eyes still closed. Days old. I’m not easily swayed by adorable things, but I knew he was my cat. And a few weeks later we officially adopted him and named him Chance, based on “what are the chances?” I’d like to say it’s been smooth sailing since he moved in 6 months ago, but I’d by lying. He’s been a pain in the ass from time to time, yet we all love him, some of us begrudgingly.




4 thoughts on “An Unexplainable Connection”

  1. Great post! I am glad you go with your gut — I have found when I ignore mine, I pay dearly. And I totally relate to your cat connection. That is what happened with out FOURTH. My husband didn’t want another and I had agreed, but once he stepped paw in our home, I couldn’t let him go. Sometimes he looks me in the eye and I can see that I am his person.

  2. Great post! For some reason, I missed Darwin adding to the original question to include people or things, but maybe I’ll save the others for a non-blog project post if I’m in the mood.

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