My Own Basket of Trips

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Melissa was inspired by the book, Olive Kitteridge, for this week’s topic. In it, there’s mention of a “basket of trips”; places to go on vacation. What FIVE places would be in your “basket of trips”? Please say why for each and list at least one thing you’d do at each place. Time and money are no object, so the sky’s the limit!

#5 Las Vegas
I’ve never been, and soon I’ll be able to cross this one off my basket of trips. I’m heading there later this year with my husband, while the grandparents keep an eye on the kids for a few days. My old man turns 40 this year, and what better way to ring in his birthday than a trip to Sin City? We plan on dancing a lot, eating at the buffets, taking in a show or two and enjoying one another’s company. There’s a lot more I’m not telling you, but you know the motto: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
#4 Paris
Ooh La La. Paris has always enamored me, ever since I took up French in high school. The movie Sabrina (the original or the re-make, I love them both) was always a motivator, too. I’m not big on overseas adventures, yet I would love visiting a quaint little cafe, listen to the music in the streets, and get an up close and personal tour of the Eiffel Tower. Maybe someday….
#3 Dipsea Race
I blogged about the Dipsea nearly 4 years ago. It’s a marathon held in Mill Valley, CA. This is no ordinary marathon. There are only 1500 spots available. The first 450 invitational runners who made it through the prior year are asked back. 500 racers will get in on a first come, first serve basis. Applications are only accepted by mail. There’s also a silent auction, and a lottery system to give away the remaining spots. It would be a dream come true for me, if I could run the Dipsea. If you’re wondering why this race is so hard to get into, check out the course map.
Known as “cardiac hill”
#2 Hawaii
Another vacation destination I’ve never been to, but would love to visit. For our ten year anniversary, my husband and I have talked about visiting Hawaii and making the most out of the weather and the ambiance. I’d love nothing more than to hold hands with my man while lying out on a remote, sandy beach somewhere, occasionally sipping on some fruity foo-foo drink.
#1 Whaler’s Rest, South Beach OR
This might come as a surprise, considering the locale, but Whaler’s Rest brings back a lot of wonderful childhood memories for me. My grandparents owned a motor home and a 5th wheel, and most weekends were spent parked at Whaler’s Rest. It was roughly two hours away my hometown of Salem, OR, which in my youth felt like a million hours away. I was always eager to get back to Whaler’s. A trail in the forest will lead you directly to the beach. If you get tired of the beach, there’s always an indoor swimming pool, miniature golf, tennis, and plenty of trails to explore. We’ve recently adopted a 5th wheel from a relative of ours, which we’ll be picking up May of this year, and I’d love to go to Oregon at some point in the near future and visit South Beach again. I know my kids would love it!
What would be in your “bucket of trips”?



4 thoughts on “My Own Basket of Trips”

  1. I’ve been to three — Vegas (many times, as I come from gambling people); Paris (see my post); and Mill Valley (tho NOT to run!). Can’t wait to hear about your Vegas trip, assuming you’ll share!

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