Why I Went To A Pole Class


I’d entertained the idea a couple of years ago, during my brief stint in the group fitness world. A really cool chick instructed a pole class for the gym I worked for, but I never found the time to attend. She told me there was a lot more to it than looking sexy. It was a bonafide work out.

When my friend Elle* (*not her real name) invited me along to a Saturday pole class out in Omaha, I had to go. I’m always up for new and interesting ways to stay in shape, plus she told me she’d done it years ago and had an amazing time. I’ll admit, I was a little nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. Not to mention the bag of extremely short shorts she handed me when I got into her car. While she drove, I rummaged through the “pole-approved” attire. I planned on wearing my running shorts, but she told me I had to go shorter than that. Skin is a vital element on the pole. She brought along her own stash in the hopes that I would change my mind.


The pole studio was dark, with black lighting. Eight gold poles were scattered along a faux wooden floor. I changed into a pair of green shorts Elle provided, a sports bra and white tank top in the bathroom.  The instructors, two women who looked like ordinary fitness instructors (I had pictured super sexy attire, 5 inch heels and a ton of make-up; I was wrong) were very friendly and very engaging. I immediately felt at ease.


More women showed up, the majority of us mothers. One woman and I bonded over our love of running. She just finished the Dizzy Goat race with the G.O.A.T. runners, and ran her first marathon this past September. Four of us were new to pole dancing. Two had done it before (this included Elle) but hadn’t in years. One woman was a regular to the class. Some wore running shorts. I pointed that out to Elle and made sure to give her hell over that.

Ten-fifteen minutes was the warm up portion of the workout. We did a lot of shoulder rolls, arm extensions, push-ups and plank work. Ab engagers. I really enjoyed the laid-back atmosphere and comfort level in the class, which I attribute to the instructor’s attitude. While they let us know we were in for a good workout, it was still a lot of fun. Even with all the plank work.

We got right to the pole after the warm up. The first move we were shown didn’t involve engagement with the pole, but rather a swooping step around it. We were also shown how to sexily walk around the pole, on the balls of our feet. We played follow the leader, all lined up along the far side of the wall, going from pole to pole practicing the moves. Some of us took to it like a fish in water, still others needed a little more time, but there was never any pressure. When someone needed assistance, an instructor was right there, helping out as much as needed and with a smile.

Laughing after I'd fallen off...
Laughing after I’d fallen off…

There were other moves, like the front hook spin, or the fireman spin. We climbed onto the pole and held on for dear life, or we slid down and performed a few bridges. As before, we’d line up and utilize every pole in the room, practicing. Soon after, we brought out yoga mats and chairs, practicing a sexy chair routine. There were a lot of laughs, a lot of cat calling and silliness, but the majority of us let down our ponytails and really got into character, swishing hair around and sashaying hips.

After a nice cool down with yoga poses, like the pigeon, the class was over. Elle and I thanked the instructors, who thanked us for coming, informing us of the various classes offered during the week. They were genuine and real, seeming to really appreciate our company.

The rest of the day, there was a spring in my step! I think that 90 minutes did something to me, maybe recharging an old battery that had sat dormant for quite some time. I get really stuck in my ways, in my routines a lot of the time. I don’t step outside of that comfort zone very often. I felt much more provocative and sexy, excited to showcase some of my new moves on my husband!

I would highly recommend checking out classes in your local area, or if you’re in the Omaha area, you can check out the place I went to. Go into the experience with an open mind, because chances are, it won’t at all be what you’re expecting. Not to mention, it really is a workout! I woke up the next morning with sore shoulders, tri’s and my upper back was stiff, too, but not in an overly exerted way. It was comparable to what you feel after a good and thorough work out. I really had such a great time, I plan on checking it out again!







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