Wanna Take A Selfie?

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It was my turn for this week, and I chose Selfies.

I used to be the queen of selfies. I’m fairly certain that I was borderline obnoxious with them. If there were opportunities for me to “strike a pose” with my face, I would take it, although I never did buy into the whole “duck face” revolution. I never went that far.

Before selfies were selfies. Although technically NOT a selfie, since someone else was taking this picture of me, circa 1981
Before selfies were selfies. Although technically NOT a selfie, since someone else was taking this picture of me, circa 1981

The obsession began at an early age. I loved the camera. While other kids were asking their parents for toys, I was asking for someone to take a photo of me. I was enthralled with the whole camera process, how film could capture a moment in time that I knew even in my youth I would never get back. I have an aunt who was heavy into photography (she took the above photo of me, and many others like it) and there were other relatives more than happy to oblige the little girl who wanted nothing more than to strike a pose.

The digital age. A wonderful playground for someone who loves the camera. I could take pictures and share them with a plethora of people, all at once! There were the “alone” selfies:

selfie1 selfie3 selfie5

Or the ones where I incorporated other people:

selfie7 selfie6 selfie4

Such good sports. Then there’s the full body selfie shot:


That was after a run, and I felt the need to document the moment.

This is one of my favorites. A selfie not taken by me, but it’s still a selfie, and a photobomb all rolled into one:


I’ve noticed a lack of selfies over the past few years. Little by little, I haven’t had the drive to snap a photo of my face. If there’s a new hair cut, sure. Or when my friend sent me a hat for Christmas:


But that’s it. I’m just not in a selfie mood.

I think there are a lot of reasons. Age is a big factor. The selfie majority belongs to the younger crowd, and I don’t fit in anymore. Nor do I want to. While I loved sharing myself and eagerly awaited a compliment or two, the compliments don’t matter much to me anymore.

Then there’s my kids. When I see the boys doing something cute or fun or interesting, I feel the compulsion to pick up my camera and snap them up as much as possible, not letting the moments slip by. Much like my aunt did for me all those years ago, I imagine.

My boys, goofing around
My boys, goofing around

I don’t deny anyone else the privilege of the selfie.  I think feeling confident and beautiful and wanting to share that with the world, well, there’s nothing wrong with that. Whenever I see someone showcasing their lovely mugs on my social media, I smile and wish them well, often giving them a little love with a “like” or a comment or two. Most of the people in my friend pool consist of moms like myself, who often don’t feel they’re up for the selfie, either. Maybe the mood hits them just right, it’s a day where they feel lovely, inside as well as out and want to show that. It might be a rare thing, but I think it’s a wonderful thing.

My challenge for you today: take a selfie, even if you choose not to show it on social media. Take a pic of yourself anyway, for you.   You’re worth it! Here’s mine, from just a few minutes ago. The little guy and are heading out and running errands, and yes. I’m wearing the hat:





3 thoughts on “Wanna Take A Selfie?”

  1. You take very nice selfies! I agree that selfies seem like they belong to the young, and I react differently when someone my age (not so young) posts more than a few. But you’ve given me some perspective on that … Nice post!

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