My Revised Breakfast Club (the Prequel)

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A long time ago, in a galaxy of poopy diapers and late-night feedings, I blogged about my breakfast club. We were a trio of women who had found one another via babies and temper tantrums. While I’ve blogged a lot about the monthly meet-ups of yesteryear(sometimes bi-weekly if the mood called for it), I never elaborated on how the three of us officially became The Breakfast Club.

The first official breakfast club


K and I met online. We were part of the Babycenter’s October 2010 baby chat board. Her son was born on October 6th. Mine on the 20th. For those who aren’t familiar with Babycenter, it’s a place for moms to seek out or provide advice and guidance on various topics. I found a lot of helpful information, and a lot of drama, too. Most of us were sleep deprived, so any conversations starting with “breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding”, or “forward facing, vs. rear facing” would always start a rumble.

Someone on the board created a thread regarding everyone’s whereabouts. While there were moms living in California and across the country into New York, K’s response caught my eye. She commented, “Bellevue, NE”. Guess who also lives in Bellevue? (Raising my hand). I had to shoot her a private message, and found out that not only did K live in the same city as me, but we lived 5 minutes apart from one another!

The following week, we agreed to meet up at the early childhood center, a place both of us frequented with our babies. We had to know what the other was wearing, in order to find one another in a room full of other mommies with their kiddos. It was reminiscent of a blind date. I remember feeling a little nervous, worried that we might not get along or that the kids wouldn’t, but none of that happened. K turned out to be a totally cool chick with a great sense of humor and very easy to talk to. Our boys got along, no problem.

The boys during a soccer game
The boys during a soccer game

We got together regularly for play dates after that. A few months later, while picking up my oldest son from kindergarten class, I met M. Her son was in my son’s class, and it turned out our boys were best friends. M and I let the boys climb trees and pretend to be monkeys while we talked and got to know one another. M was from California,  very chill with a cool personality. Her youngest was just a couple of months older than my little guy, and her middle son (a fiery redhead) made good use of his time by pulling his pants down and peeing on one of the trees next to us. A total boy thing, and I remember laughing while M said, “Well, it was nice meeting you.” I think she figured I’d be one of those mothers who would freak out over seeing a little boy dealing with his call of nature, but having two myself, I know how unabashed they can be. We made plans to get together the following week.

M is a fitness nut, just like I am. Soon, we were making plans for 10K’s and half marathons. We were the perfect running partners. We’d run four mornings a week, and never got terribly annoyed with one another. Well, she might have with me, I wouldn’t be surprised. I can be annoying.

M and I were having play dates; K and I were having play dates. It made sense to bring our broods together. The three of us (and our kids) all got along and were fast friends. Soon, we were going to the gym together,  or to the park or out to dinner. We were the dynamic trio, really.

We miss this kid!
We miss this kid!

Our breakfast club was a break from the insanity of being a stay-at-home mom. We leaned on one another in times of chaos. We’d take turns hosting at one another’s homes. The dress code was pajama optional. The menu consisted of fruit, bagels. Banana breads. The piece de resistance would always be what we affectionately referred to as Eggy, an Amish breakfast casserole that was nothing short of divine. The boys would play and we would talk. It was the perfect morning, every time.

Oh, how I love you, Eggy.
Oh, how I love you, Eggy.

Sadly, M moved away a couple of years ago. K and I swore we’d keep up the breakfast club, but it never felt the same. While we still get together regularly for play dates, I think we both feel it would be a tad bit blasphemous to even attempt to replicate what we had while M still lived in town. We miss her and her boys terribly.

I will always hold a special place in my heart for my breakfast club. Those were great times, good food (yes, I have to mention the food, we love our Eggy), and I’ve made long-lasting friendships with amazing ladies. So have my kids!

The best of friends, right here!
The best of friends, right here!

3 thoughts on “My Revised Breakfast Club (the Prequel)”

  1. Sweet story. I felt like I was reading about characters in a book (hint, hint). And I love the pictures of the boys! Also, I would like the recipe to Eggy, please!!

  2. Great story. I’m jealous that you have it so easy meeting other moms. I’ve tried to connect with new moms in the past, but it usually fades off after a while. Like when I had E, my neighbor had a baby girl a couple months before. We’d go walking together a lot and I was in a playgroup she formed at one point. I didn’t really feel like I had much to chat about with the other moms though.
    I wrote this post a few years ago about some mom friends I met through an online group: (S.W. is the one I’m mainly in contact with still.)

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