The Disappearing Reappearing Momarock

I’ve been MIA lately. The only posts you’ve seen from me are my Thursday blog group posts, or when I’m letting the blogosphere know about the book reviews I’ve been doing on the side.

I’ve been doing a lot of tasks “on the side”. Most of it writing. The book reviews and working on my own stuff (two novels are currently sitting, finished but unrefined, in my Google docs) have kept me busy creatively and left me little time for blogging.

The yoga competition I signed up for has been pushed back to January, and I’ve been actively training for it. Where I’m at with my yoga practice? I’m seeing definite changes within my body and within me. My training style with everything has always been to push myself as far as I can go, every time. With yoga, I’ve learned that every day is a different journey. There will be days where I feel I’ve rocked my practice, and other days where I’m more kind and gentle with the approach, and all of it is okay. I’m becoming much more accepting of myself, and of my body and how it’s feeling. Giving myself much-needed respect and love.



I made the decision earlier this year to take a break from all things marathon, in order to feel that exquisite passion for running again. I’d been training non-stop since 2009 and everyone (me, my family) needed a rest. While I’ve done two miles here, two miles there on the treadmill in recent weeks, I think it’s time for another marathon. I’m more than ready! There’s one in Oregon I want to run (April 2015)and that would be an amazing achievement. Running a marathon in my home state.

I’m still here, even though my writing presence has been incognito. I’ve been lurking, I’ve been reading your blog posts, admiring the dedication my fellow bloggers have for their craft. I will make my way back when I can, and when I’m able to. I can feel it coming, but there’s no pressure on myself. I’m going to do the best I can, and continue on with the journey.



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