My Five Firsts, and Five Lasts

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For today, Melissa was inspired by this and came up with:  Five Firsts and Five Lasts. In a way, it’s like an interview with myself. I decided to let fate decide on the five topics I’ll be using in this blog post. I placed 10 topics written on sticky notes, crumpled them up, and placed them into a bowl.


Now I’ll draw out one sticky at a time, and see what I end up with!



The first book I remember reading is, There are Rocks in my Socks, Said the Ox to the Fox. Well, it was one of the first books read to me when I was a child. I loved it so much that it’s a book I read aloud to my boys. I like to put on a British accent while reading the Fox’s lines. I don’t know why, but I imagine he’s British.

The last book I finished was Kim Golden’s Maybe Tonight, a novella follow-up to Maybe Baby. If the cover of this novella doesn’t make you want to read it, I don’t know what will!



The first time I said “I love you”? I’m sure I said it often to my parents, relatives, etc. The first time I said it to a crush, though, was actually said in secret. The first boy I ever fell hard for was someone a year older and not that into me. He thought I was a gangly, awkward little girl, and I’m sure I was. I remember lying in bed at night, picturing what it would be like to (gasp!) hold his hand or (holy crap!) kiss him. I was 12 at the time, innocent. During my daydreams, I’d tell this boy that I loved him and he’d tell me how much he loved me. I know, I was a heart-felt romantic.  My feelings were never reciprocated.

The last time I said “I love you” was just a few minutes ago. I tucked the little guy in for his afternoon nap, and I gave him a kiss on the forehead, telling him I loved him.



My first date was a blind date.  A friend of mine had set it up and hadn’t cleared it with me until the day of. Her boyfriend worked at the local gas station, with a guy who was about a year older than me. I’d seen him before when I’d pull in to get gas. I had told my friend how cute I thought he was, and so she arranged everything and when the last bell of the day rang at school, she told me to call my dad on the payphone and tell him I was going over to her house after school. Which I did, believing that to be the case. Nope. The cute guy pulled up to the school in a black Nissan Sentra, yellow vanilla-scented tree hanging on the rear-view mirror. My friend practically shoved me into the car, and the cute guy took me downtown to see Naked Gun: 33 1/3. I’m sure I was a gigantic pain in the ass. I wouldn’t let him buy me anything. No drink. No popcorn. I had this thing where I felt weird when people spent money on me, so I refused his niceties, yet stood behind him in line to buy myself the drink and popcorn. Not exactly a stellar move on a first date. Neither of us spoke to one another through the entire movie, but I remember he had a great laugh. Afterwards, we went to a park and talked for a really long time, and got to know one another better. We ended up dating for a year, and he was my first boyfriend.

When I was just a kid
When I was just a kid

The last date would be a date night, with my husband. We went to see Motley Crue in concert! I have to tell you, anytime we get a chance to go out, just the two of us, it’s always a great time no matter what we’re doing. This was Motley’s send off tour, playing their asses off into retirement. I’ve heard this song and dance before, though. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more of them in the near future, but this was a great performance.

Tommy Lee, drum solo upside down



I thought of this while looking out my living room window. It snowed recently, and I was thinking of the first time I’d played in snow. I might have way before what my memory allows me to recant, but traveling to Mt. Hood in Oregon with my Uncle Waldo are the snow days I remember the most. We’d go for a day ski trip, or sometimes it would parlay into a weekend. I always felt as though the drive there took forever, which is par for the course when you’re 8 years old. I was wet with snow, cold, and when I wanted to use the bathroom Waldo would always tell me to “hold it.” That part wasn’t fun, but the rest of the time I had a blast with my sister and our cousins.

The last time I played in the snow would be last year! It’s been too cold to do much of anything outside. I was shivering while filling up the gas tank on my car this morning. I feel bad, because the little guy sees snow on the ground and thinks it’s time to put on his snow boots and play outside. Both my boys love playing in the snow. I hope we get out there soon!

Last year, making snow angels
Last year, making snow angels



The first movie I remember seeing in a theater was Gremlins. I was 6, going on 7. Grandma thought to take me for an early birthday present,  and  I was in awe. Of course, I remember freaking out when the cute little mogwai turned into the nasty gremlins, but I appreciate her trying to be a cool grandma and taking me to see the movie, in the theater no less. I can hear the theme song now!

The last movie I saw was Big Hero 6. We went as a family, and we loved it! What a sweet movie. I highly recommend it to anyone, no matter your age.


Topics I didn’t grab from the bowl: Kiss (that would have been a good one!), Thrill, Work Out, Dance, and Pet.




One thought on “My Five Firsts, and Five Lasts”

  1. Fun choices. Maybe you should do a follow up post with the others. Funny that we have one thing in common from our lists. 🙂
    I remember once when this guy at Rocky Horror liked me but I just wanted to be friends with him. I went to see Lion King with him and another female friend. He kept trying to pay for everything and I wanted to make it clear that this was not a date. We’re still friends and all, but there was a long span of time in which we were not in contact.

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