Mistakes. Do You Intervene?

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For this week, I picked the topic: When you witness someone else making a mistake, what do you do? Do you believe it’s a chance for lessons learned, or do you intervene?

I chose this particular topic due to what’s been going on in my personal life. A few people I know have made choices that I feel aren’t very good ones, and I’ve debated with myself on what I should do. Should I say something? Should I keep quiet?

I’ve been the one in the hot seat, many times. The one walking onto a path of disaster, or as I like to refer to it- taking a ride on an eventual train wreck. And haven’t we all? One event in my life I always go back to, is the time I was in a relationship and a few good friends of mine made bets on how long it would last. They didn’t tell me this initially, not until they witnessed the eventual train wreck. “Why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you warn me?”  I couldn’t believe they stood back and merely watched from the sidelines, but it was quickly pointed out to me that I’m undeniably stubborn and would have never listened to anyone’s advice, anyway.

Which is totally true, and true of many of us. It’s so hard when you’re on the inside, looking out. And even if there’s a nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach, warning you- often times we plunge ahead, anyway.

I don’t regret that relationship, or many of the other mistakes I’ve made in my life. I feel as though I’ve been able to learn so much from all of it, regardless. It’s made me a stronger, tougher gal.

While it’s been hard to hold my tongue, I’ve made the decision to keep quiet. The people I know, the ones who are potentially embarking on their own eventual train wrecks, they believe that this is the right path for them. They wholeheartedly want to continue forth, and maybe I’m wrong, anyway. Maybe there won’t be a train wreck at the end, and who am I to say otherwise? All I can do is hope for the best, and reassure myself by knowing that it’s their potential mistake to make. Good or bad, there’s a chance for a life lesson here and it’s not my call. I’m choosing to be supportive, no matter the outcome.



6 thoughts on “Mistakes. Do You Intervene?”

  1. I totally agree. I’ve been bitten in the a$$ for actually saying something to people, so I’ve realized that everyone is in charge of their own life and if it was a mistake, that’s their problem, not mine.

    1. Yes! Of course, if it’s a life-threatening situation, that’s entirely different. I realize I should have mentioned something about that in the post, but in all other areas? Mum’s the word! I’ve also had my a$$ handed to me for saying too much.

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