The Luck of the Draw

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For this week, Melissa picked the topic. Have you ever won anything? If so, tell us about it. If not, tell us about something you’d love to win.

I don’t win much, because I don’t enter much. As in contests, drawings, or lotteries. I go in with the mind set that the odds are most likely stacked against me, so why bother? I know, it’s very pessimistic of me.

There have been exceptions to this rule, however. When I was 11, I wrote a very brief paragraph on my amazing pet poodle (actually, the poodle wasn’t mine per say, but my grandparent’s) and submitted it to Dog Fancy. I’m sure I got published because of my age. How many 11 years old read Dog Fancy? I received $50 and figured I was well on my way to becoming a freelance writer.

Then there was the first time I ever went gambling, and won. I had recently moved to the Midwest and checked out the casinos over in Council Bluffs, IA. I was on the Wheel of Fortune machine, and suddenly the machine shut down and nothing worked. I was pissed off, to say the least. I figured it was a mechanical error, but when one of the employees stopped over to check on things and I informed her that the Wheel of Fortune was broken, she started to laugh. “Honey, you won!” I couldn’t believe it, and I still couldn’t believe it $750 dollars later! I’ve had no luck in the gambling industry since.

In more recent years, I find myself winning goodie bags or prizes when I donate funds to my son’s elementary school. The best win was a free night’s stay at a local hotel. My husband and I scored a babysitter for most of the day, and then he graciously let me stay in the hotel room, alone, no kids, just me, myself, and I. Although I didn’t get much sleep, it was nice laying around in a comfortable bed and watching tv in peace and quiet, a total rarity for me.

I’ll occasionally surrender to the “enter your information to win a free car!” propaganda from some business, knowing full well that I’ll get a call a month or two later from the business, claiming I’ve won a prize- not a car, but a _________________ (you fill in the blank. Home security system. Lawn service. Home repair. Window replacement.) I don’t really see this as a win for me, because I know good and well the business is merely trying to dredge up more business by dangling a carrot in front of me. I’m usually good at steering clear from this, yet I’m sometimes suckered right back in.

What about you? What have you won?



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