Jump Into Fall

At Vala’s

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For this week, I found inspiration from the changing seasons. What are some of your favorite colder weather traditions?

Colder weather was never a friend of mine, not for many years. It might be because I’m a summer baby, or that I don’t take too kindly to any temperature below 75 degrees. Either way, the hotter the weather, the happier I was.

I’ve lived in Nebraska over a decade now, and I’ve changed my perspective on the climate. I have to. It’s sink or swim, or in my case, sled or avalanche. I’ve found a way to appreciate the positives of cooler weather, holding firm to a sunnier disposition even if there is no sun. Some of my favorite traditions when the weather turns:

Hot cocoa: There’s nothing more soothing or comforting than a steaming hot cup of cocoa with marshmallows. It just doesn’t feel right in the warmer months, but is the perfect go-to drink when it’s cold outside.

Vala’s Pumpkin Patch: I’ve been taking the big kid to Vala’s since he was 2. We go once a year, every year.  It’s a family tradition and we always end the trip with the boys picking out a pumpkin to take home.

The big guy when he was 3, with a pumpkin to call his very own
The big guy when he was 3, with a pumpkin to call his very own

Juicing: I know, this is an odd one, yet I don’t juice much in warmer months. I stick to smoothies. Once the weather cools off I stow the blender away and replace it with my juicer. I try to juice once a day and I have the boys help out by picking what produce they want to throw in. My goal is to juice every morning. It hasn’t happened yet, but I’m working towards it.

Children’s Museum: When it’s nice out, my kids spend more time outdoors than in, which is why we usually don’t visit the Museum until it’s cold outside. We try to hit up the Museum at least once a year, sometimes twice. It’s a great place to go and it’s entertaining for my four-year old as well as the nine-year old.

Martin’s Hillside Apple orchard: We do this once a year, too. Since the big kid was 3. It’s a smaller orchard and that’s what we like about it, although this year the place was packed to capacity! I love the cornfield maze and the butterfly corner, along with the stuff for the kids to play on or play with.

Through the maze, Big guy, 3 years
Through the maze, Big guy, 3 years

Fall cleaning: I know, it sounds exciting, doesn’t it? I try to clean out what we don’t need or use to make way for the new stuff we’ll receive during the holidays. It’s become a necessity with two boys who have gobs of toys, and it’s nice to donate what they don’t play with. I do this in the Spring, too.

Wool socks: Cold weather is here when I slip on the ol’ wool socks. The salesman at the local running store told me how phenomenal wool socks are for running during the winter months, and how they don’t even need washed for days at a time since they wick away moisture so well. I casually glanced down at his shoes and wondered just how stinky those things were- but he had a good point. Wool socks are the bomb, and important while running in snow.

Trick or treating with friends: I can’t think of a year we haven’t gotten together with good friends and trick or treated, not since the big kid was in diapers I’d imagine.

Little guy last year
Little guy last year

The holidays: For us, that’s Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m getting excited just thinking about the delicious food, the time spent with family, and I can’t forget the annual holiday party we throw at the beginning of December. This will be our 3rd year of potluck, friends and karaoke. What could be better than that?

The hubby and I at last year's party
Me and the hubby at last year’s party

What are some of your favorite cooler weather traditions?



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