Gettin’ Junky With It! Oakland’s Junkapalooza 2014

It’s been a really long time since I’ve experienced the thrill of the hunt. Retro, unique items. Discounts. The feeling of achievement when you know you’ve scored that perfect item, the one that will either complete your ambiance or someone else’s if you’re gifting. That I was able to accomplish this task while doing something good for a small-town community only added to the task at hand.

Junkapalooza is like a massive garage sale, but with a big heart. Proceeds from the weekend’s sales will go towards improving Main St., which was badly damaged by tornadoes this past June. It was also a fundraiser for the West Nishna Heritage Museum. What I noticed immediately was how close-knit everyone is in Oakland, how they all pulled together to make this happen and to improve the place they call home.

Main St.
Main St.

I went on Sunday, which meant bigger bargains! I brought the 9-year old along; he loves garage sales just as much as I do. I knew this would be a nice outing for the two of us, and I invited a good friend of mine and her daughter came along, too. My friend is an avid saler. She puts me to shame! She quickly informed me that she’d be making two trips through, just to make sure she didn’t miss anything. I found two turtle garden figurines. The 9-year old purchased a gold pin with his own money, and a lollipop. The cherry on top was the specialty item I found for my best friend- I can’t mention what it is, just in case she’s reading this, but it’s going to make for a fantastic Christmas present! And it was so random!

The kids, checking out gourds
The kids, checking out gourds




I had the pleasure of running into Bolton Carley, who helped put the whole shindig together. We’re both involved in the Omaha Blogger’s Group and had never met before in person. It was great getting to chat, and she gave me some good pointers regarding my blog. She’s from Oakland, and it shows. Anyone we ran into or spoke with (including Bolton) were nothing short of kind and incredibly friendly. That’s hard to find nowadays, but not in Oakland. In Oakland, it’s par for the course. I overheard someone mention that they most likely will host Junkapalooza again next year, because fixing up a city can be an expensive endeavor. Trust me, we’ll be first in line! It was a lot of fun. The kids loved it, my friend (the garage sale connoisseur) loved it. What a great way to spend a lovely Sunday afternoon!





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