When Goofy Met Chainsaw

Hey, it’s Thursday…. and you know what that means!

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For this week, Melissa ‘s choice:  Friend matchmaking:  Tell us about a time you were “set up” for a friendship with someone.  Or a time you matched two friends together.  (Or both.)  Please keep it to “in person” friendships only since it’s way too easy to connect people online these days.

I moved around a lot as a kid. We were always skirting around the Salem, OR area but traveling from one school district to the next. During my elementary years alone I’d gone to 5 schools. My 5th grade year was spent at Swegle Elementary school (Swegle Eagles, yo!) and I became friends with a girl who we’ll call Robin. She was a beautiful little thing with long blond hair and green eyes, and I don’t think there was a single person who didn’t think she was wonderful, boys and girls included. I counted her as one of my best friends.

Then we moved. Again. We went from the north area of Salem to West Salem. I started a new school my 6th grade year, Robin long gone but not entirely forgotten. I’d think of her on occasion, along with my other classmates who I knew I’d never see again. Moving schools as often as I had, I knew the score even at 11.

When I started high school, I walked into my Concert Choir class and ran right into Robin! She was still beautiful, still had an adorable dimple in her left chin when she smiled, and we picked right back up where we’d left off. We’d have lunch together, we’d write notes to one another. She was a lot more adventurous and daring, I was more reserved and cautious. She brought out the best in me, and she brought out the worst in me. She was the first person I skipped school with, and the first person I smoked weed with. I met my first boyfriend through her, and we’d go on double dates. Our boyfriends worked together at a local 76 gas station so we’d always go and visit with them during the late night shifts. It felt as though things were falling nicely into place.

I felt the shift shortly after my boyfriend and I had been dating a few months. Looking back on the situation, I can see that Robin was a tad bit jealous of all the time I was spending apart from her. If I evaluated it further, I’d see that really, Robin became territorial over a lot of people in her life. She would say a lot of hurtful things about my new relationship, how wrong we were for each other, how I should break things off. I felt like she was making me choose between the two of them. When I told her I didn’t see things her way, she retaliated. I’d get an invite for a weekend stay at her house, and after I’d get dropped off at her door step, I’d find out that Robin had “forgotten” about our plans and was staying over at someone else’s house. She totally set me up! The first couple of times I brushed it off, but the third time I didn’t have it in me to tell my Grandma who had taken the time to drive me over to Robin’s house that plans were cancelled, yet again. Plus, I was starting to feel like a moron. And a loser. When Robin’s sister Goofy opened the door and invited me to stay the weekend with her, (you can read all about our nicknames and why we have them) I was more than grateful. Goofy was really laid back and calm. She was super nice and a lot of fun to hang with, and even when an age difference of a year and a half might be detrimental to a friendship when you are teenagers (not to mention she was the sister of my supposed “best friend”), it didn’t matter. We became fast friends.


After a lot of drama and a lot of fighting, Robin and I “broke up”. We drifted apart and we haven’t talked to one another in years. I’ll see her on occasion, though. Whenever I visit my hometown, I always visit Goofy and there have been times when Robin is around, too. We are cordial but there is definite distance between us. She put me through the wringer during my teen years, but I am so glad I met her. If I’d never met Robin, I would have never met Goofy. She was so important to my well-being when I was a kid and she still is today. She’s like a sister to me, and I appreciate having her in my life.

Along with her husband- they were our witnesses when we got married. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.




2 thoughts on “When Goofy Met Chainsaw”

  1. I almost cried reading this! Isn’t it amazing how one friendship can lead to another? Sometimes I’ve had friendships fall by the wayside but they ended up making room for other friendships. There’s that saying “friends for a reason, friends for a season, friends for a lifetime.” (I can only hope you’ll be in the last category, I just don’t want to jinx anything. 🙂 ) With our friendship, it took both you and your husband ending previous relationships for US to meet. So I’m thankful that you found each other!

    1. Awww! Well, you had stipulated friendships where you’ve met in person only… otherwise, I would have loved to include you on my list! 🙂 I hope so too, Melissa. You are a phenomenal person, one I’m proud to call friend! I believe people meet for a reason, I really do!

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