The Ten Little Ladybugs

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For this week, Tracey’s topic choice is: Family.

My eldest son received this book as a gift many years ago, when he was still in diapers. I don’t remember who gifted it or what the occasion. It’s provided hours of entertainment, and it’s been passed down to my youngest. So, if you’re the gifter and you happen to be reading my blog post for today, a big thank you.

The book is falling apart. Upon opening, you’ll notice the spine has completely pulled away from the pages. It’s holding on as much as it can, given the fact it’s been boyhandled for close to a decade. Not to mention any of the random kids I’ve babysat who wanted to find out what happens to these cute little ladybugs and the many interactions with insects and various creatures along their journey. This book has been loved. A lot.

I don’t just read the book. I sing it. I created the melody years ago and it stuck. We do the ladybug countdown and when each one encounters a bumblebee or a bird or fish or caterpillar, I pause and wait for my son to fill in the blank. “Ten little ladybugs sitting on a vine, along came a ____________ (wait for him to say it, which in this case is a butterfly), then there were….”  The book continues counting down until there’s only one ladybug left. And when that ladybug is swept up in a breeze, we find out that all of the other ladybugs have been waiting for him, waiting for him to come “home”. (If you’ve never read this book, sorry for the spoiler!)

While reading to my youngest the other night, there was no need for dramatic pauses. I didn’t have to wait for him to fill in the blanks. He knows this book so well he’s singing right along with me, and when I decide to stop singing he continues on and does it so well, my heart fills with pride. Not to mention how adorable he sounds. I like little moments like that. I can plan elaborate trips in an effort to bond with my kids, yet something so simple as reading a book could bond us even tighter than any amusement park or trip to the zoo could.

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2 thoughts on “The Ten Little Ladybugs”

  1. The video was so cute. I think I’ve read that book to my kids many times, but never with a song. You have a nice singing voice too. Of course, my husband gave me a weird look when I was watching this. LOL!

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