It Works® … Or Do They?

I made a promise to myself years ago.

No more parties.

No Pampered Chef. No Tastefully Simple. No Mary Kay or Avon. No wine clubs and even though it was a lot of fun, no sex toy parties. I’d been there, done that.

A friend of mine sells It Works® products, and asked me to host a party in my home.

I broke my own promise.

You have to admit, there’s a certain amount of mystique surrounding those crazy wrap things. I’ve seen a lot of before and after photos, not only from total strangers but from my own friends! I’m sure the majority of people who showed up to my wrap party were in the same boat. They’d heard about it or knew someone who sold the products, wanting to see up close and personal if it’s for real or total bogus.

It helped that my friend selling the product is undeniably attractive and told us her own story. You know, the one where she finds the light at the end of the cellulite tunnel. She never believed in the products, either. She figured it was all a huge scam. Her husband is a personal trainer and he told her how it was all a huge scam. To get rid of those flabby legs, you need to put in the work. Do countless squats a day, right? My friend doesn’t have the time, not with 4 kids. On the sly, she decided to try the wraps. She also purchased the defining gel and had been using that without her husband knowing. When he complimented her on her toned up physique and attempted to give her an “I told you so”, assuming she’d been busting her ass, she confessed the truth. Her husband became a believer that day, and although he’s still 100% sold on the old-fashioned way of toning up (eat right and exercise) he can’t dispute those crazy wrap things. Or the other products.

I received free wraps at my party. Someone had bought product and I was reaped the rewards. My friend showed me how to apply the wraps, but since mine would be done on my backside and thighs, we both decided the application should be done later, when I could do it in privacy.

My husband snapped a before photo of me. I won’t be sharing that on my blog. I gasped when I saw it. My friend has asked for my before/after photos so she can have them on hand, and I might share them with her, as long as she can promise me there’s no way anyone can trace those photos back to me.

Last night I tore open two packets. Each packet contains only one wrap. My husband was a good sport and helped me, and I don’t think I could have accomplished things without his assistance, trust me. The wraps are gooey brown and sticky, smelling strongly of eucalyptus. I took one and wrapped it gooey side down around my upper thigh until the ends nearly touched towards the front of my thigh. This isn’t me- I’m borrowing, but here’s an example:

Next comes the saran wrap. That’s used to hold the wraps in place. I was given a sample of the It Works® green body wraps

and I placed that over the saran wrap. It was so tight, I had a hard time walking. I was afraid everything would shift on me and all the work to put the wraps into place would be in vain. I slowly made my way downstairs and plopped onto the couch as best as I could, gently. There’s no exercise or sweating when wearing the wraps, and you have to consume 30-40 oz of water within the first hour of wearing the wraps. No eating, either. I had an excuse to watch The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All and Mistresses.

The goo made my skin tingle. The tingle turned into a mild burning sensation. I’m not sure if that’s normal or not. You can wear the wraps for 45 min-8 hours, and I decided to stop after 3 hours. My friend had mentioned that someone she knew wore the wraps to bed! There would be no way I could do that. Not with the way my skin felt. The smell of eucalyptus was strong, too. I was anticipating koala bears at any minute.

After 3 hours, I gingerly removed everything from my thighs. You can’t wash the goo off. You have to rub it into the skin so you don’t waste a single eucalyptus inch. My husband took an after photo, and I must admit- you can tell a difference in my skin. My thighs are less portly and have less cellulite, esp. the left thigh. I wonder if I wrapped that side up a lot better than the right side. My thighs continued to burn and when I went to the bathroom (much-needed after 40 oz of water), the seat felt like an ice-cube on my cheeks! Otherwise, my legs feel normal today. I was instructed to drink 8-10 glasses of water over the next few days in order to keep the fluids up. That’s to flush out toxins and prepare me for the next wrap, due after 72 hours. The company states that you want to do 4 treatments to get the best results, and while each pack comes with 4 wraps and works well for someone treating their stomach, it cuts my wraps down in half since I’m using them on my thighs and need 2 for each treatment.

I will do the final treatment in 72 hours. I won’t be purchasing more wraps.

I’m sure “It Works”. Whether it’s a chemical compound or the fact that my skin has been bound tight for hours on end, thus shrinking the surface area of my flesh. I think it’s a combination of both.  I do believe my friends who have used the wraps. I’ve seen their photos. I just don’t like the way they feel on my body. Maybe I have sensitive skin. I know when I’ve had facials, I need the super careful stuff, or I end up with a red face. However, I have already purchased the defining gel, and will give that a go. I want to try the Greens drink, chock full of vitamins and minerals. I got in on a discounted rate for these products and figured it couldn’t hurt to investigate a little further into this company and see if they are more than just their wraps.

As for this consumer? I’m all wrapped out.

How about you? Have you heard of It Works®? Have you tried their products? What’s your story?



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