‘Cuz You Got To Have Friends!

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For this week, Melissa’s topic choice: Make new friends, but keep the old….Tell us about your most recent friendship (online or in person) AND your longest friendship.

Friends are like gold to me. I rank ’em right up there with family. I’ve blogged before about my people collection; it takes a lot for me to let go of anyone, particularly long-lasting friendships.

I met this lovely lady when we were in 6th grade.


It was my first day at a new school, and I was nervous. I had no idea where anything was, not to mention my little sister clinging desperately to my side. I was responsible for her as well, helping her find her way. Even back then, I had terrible issues with asking for help. Then this sweet girl noticed us. “Are you new here?” She took charge, and even to this day my friend has a very “take charge” attitude. Strong and independent. She lead us to my sister’s 2nd grade classroom, and then led me to mine. Coincidentally, we ended up in the same class.  The same middle school. The same high school. We had crazy experiences in our teen years and survived it. We’ve both mellowed out over the years and are on different paths but through it all we’ve managed to maintain a fantastic friendship. I always feel like I can totally be myself around her, since she’s known me for many years. She accepts me, too. She’s brilliant and amazing.

I know that I was directed to only choose one person, yet I couldn’t let this post go without including Goofy.


This photo was taken in the mid-90’s. We were both awkward teens but I never doubted how undeniably cool Goofy was and still is. I still remember the first time I met her. I was invited to her older sister’s birthday party, and it was Goofy who opened the front door and let me in. Really, she’s always let me in. We became fast friends, like sisters. Her decision to invent nicknames for her close-knit group led to Chainsaw, my nickname. She goes by Goofy. My friends who have never even met her know exactly who I’m referring to when I say her nickname, and no one bats an eye. My children know her as Aunt Goofy, and her kids reciprocate with my own nickname. We don’t talk much, and she’s not as good at e-mailing me back as I am e-mailing her, but when we talk or get to spend time together, it feels as though no time has passed at all. She’s another friend of mine who I feel I can be completely myself around.

My recent friendship would be with a woman I’ll refer to as Molly. (Not her real name). Molly and I met through our boys. Her son and my 9-year old are in karate class together, and we discovered that they also go to the same school. Her daughter, who is the same age as the little guy, have become fast friends and they are inseparable during karate season. Molly and I have had some very intimate conversations, and she is very open-minded. I really appreciate that about her. She’s also laid back and a good conversationalist. When we get together, we never run out of things to talk about. It’s been a while since I’ve spent time with Molly, not since her daughter’s birthday party last month. This is a good reminder for me to get in contact with her and plan on getting together soon.




One thought on “‘Cuz You Got To Have Friends!”

  1. Great post. I enjoyed reading about your friendships. I met Froggie right before starting 6th grade. Interesting that you met your earliest friend in 6th grade too.

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