Letting It All Go in Chicago

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For this week, Melissa picked: The song “Let it Go” from Frozen has been all over the place these days. So what meaning does the song have that can be applied to your life in some way?

As you can see, it’s far from Thursday. I was in Chicago this past week, and I didn’t have much time to write. My mornings consisted of a 10-minute mad dash on Facebook, and I checked my e-mail knowing I wouldn’t have time to respond to anyone. I’d give a head’s up, letting people know I was still alive and well, yet unavailable.

boys in the sun room of our rental house
boys in the sun room of our rental house

You know, that’s a hard one for me. When I see a message I immediately want to respond to it. I don’t want to leave anyone hanging. Also, when I know I have something that has a deadline (like my Thursday blog post) I want to make sure it’s done in time. Only, my family and I were on the move. Even when we weren’t on the move, we were on the move. Our butts made indentations in the car for roughly 9 hours on the drive out to Chicago. The first full day in Oak Park (a suburb off of the windy city) we decided to just chill out and recover. The kids played at a splash pad while the husband and I sat in the shade, holding hands. We hit a couple of parks and the four of us made good use of the jungle gyms. We were like monkeys.

practicing standing head to knee
practicing standing head to knee

We got serious about the trip and hit one of our first destinations, Lego Discovery Center. I snapped a bunch of pictures and we took a tour of the Lego making factory. A 4-D Clutch Powers movie was thrown in there. We also went to Six Flags Great America. My boys astounded me with their fearless nature, especially the 3 year old. If he was tall enough to ride with a grown-up, he was on the ride and that included any roller coaster that would have him. We spent the whole day there.


At Six Flags
At Six Flags

I was able to meet Froggie while we were in town. She’s from the area, and although we’ve been blogging together for three years, we’ve never met. It was nice to finally hear her voice on the phone, and see her in person! We drove to Ohio to see friends of ours who we were missing terribly. They had moved away from Nebraska last year and this was certainly the highlight of our trip. They were worth the 6 hour drive to and fro.



We ate a lot of food. Chicago is for foodies; Portillo’s and Lou Malnati’s were on the list. We consumed and we played and we laughed and there were a few tears on the trip, but the tears were short-lived. There wasn’t much time for it, you know?

I knew what was waiting for me back home; my “real” life. It was nice to get away from all of that for a week. I didn’t think about the chores or the to-do list or the things I needed to accomplish. I only focused on living in the moment, and that was everything I needed. I knew that being late with this post would be all right, because it would have to be. Sometimes life crops up on you and you have to grab it with all your might, letting go of the rest, and that’s exactly what I accomplished. I let it all go.








One thought on “Letting It All Go in Chicago”

  1. Glad you had so much fun and got to meet Froggie. Most importantly (aside from Froggie) was that you got to eat Lou’s and Portillo’s! 🙂

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