“Take This Job And Shove It!” and other things I’ll never embark on again…

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For this week, I chose: What is something (or more than one thing) you’ve done or tried (been there, done that) that you will never do again?

There are more than a few things I’ve tried that I won’t do again. In no particular order:

working in a gym: I have nothing against a gym, or the people who work for one. It wasn’t for me. I am still searching for that perfect place where I fit in, and the gym scene wasn’t it. Next month I start a workout group where I’ll help out fellow moms who are looking to get into shape. This will happen in a friend’s large backyard, and our children will run around and play while we sweat. I plan on incorporating the kids into some of the workouts. I’m really looking forward to that.

 divorce: This one goes without saying, but I will never go through a divorce again. My husband shall have me shackled to him for all of eternity, and he’d better like it!

 anything malted: Eww. The funny thing is, every time my husband orders a chocolate malt from Culver’s, I’m convinced it will taste good because it looks good. And every time I try a sip of it, my taste buds scream at me in protest. You’d think I’d learn my lesson, but nope.

 children: I love my boys. I like kids. Some people have a lot of children, others stick with one or two- still others prefer none. To each his own. My husband and I have decided that two is just fine for us.

 tattoos: I’m allergic to metal, and I foolishly got a tattoo in my early 20’s. I don’t regret it, but it’s something I will never do again.

 jumping off bridges: For someone afraid of heights, you’d think this would have never been an interest of mine. During our tumultuous teen years my best friend and I would often travel to a place we called “North Fork”, which was on North Fork Rd. (Little North Santiam River). I’d swim in places like this:


I know, right? Fantastic. We’d jump off together, holding hands. The last time, I lost my bikini top. Yeah, never again.

The scene of the bikini top mishap

staying in a remote cabin during a storm: When there’s dangerous weather out, where do you think nature hides? I won’t shack up with ants bigger than me ever again. Just remembering that vacation experience gives me the willies.

Now it’s your turn: What are some experiences you’ve had that you’ll never do again?


2 thoughts on ““Take This Job And Shove It!” and other things I’ll never embark on again…”

  1. i loved reading your list. you’re so funny too. i felt weird writing about anything involving people in my life because i don’t want to jinx things. you know where i stand on it though. 🙂 the title of this post made me think of “office space.” fun topic!

  2. What?! You don’t like malteds?! ;). Your list makes great sense and by trying these things, you’ve certainly earned the right to say, Never again!

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