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For this week, Tracey chose: YOLO (You Only Live Once)

You might love it or hate it, but you can’t deny it: YOLO is a phenomenon.

Some argue that’s it’s been around for decades. Mae West used to say the phrase, and rapper Drake made it popular. I remember watching a skit on Saturday Night Live with YOLO as it’s theme:

I especially enjoy the YOLO memes:

I can appreciate the fact that we’ve only got this one life to live. I know that if I’m to achieve anything in my life, it’s on me, and this is it. I’ve got this one chance, just like Eminem says in “Lose Yourself”:

“You’ve got this once chance, do not miss your chance to blow, this opportunity comes once in a lifetime (y0).”

I am big on trying new things and daring to dream the impossible dream, but I do have a few security blankets that I sleep with at night. You know, the stuff that keeps me safe from harm and doing something completely moronic. Here’s where I’ll never YOLO, not ever: I’ll never jump out of a plane. I’m terrified of heights, and no amount of YOLO’ing is going to curb that. In fact, I’d probably do my fair share of POMP’ing (that’s Peeing Out My Pants). Not that skydiving is for morons. I know plenty of people who have done it and are highly intelligent individuals. For me, though, it would be a stupid thing to do. Some of my scariest nightmares involve falling from thousands of feet up, and no one needs to see me POMP’ing. Absolutely no one.

On a more serious note- just last night, my husband and I were talking about YOLO, to a degree. He said the closer he gets to the big 4-0, the more he feels his own mortality. It can be downright scary, feeling as though half of your life is over. I’m not sure if I helped (much), but I shared my own philosophy when it comes to having a mid-life crisis, and the logistics of that. See, in essence, none of us know when our time is up. Catch a ride on the interwebs, and you see plenty of proof to back me up. There’s so much negativity, if you know where to look, and it’s just too easy. There is no point in having a mid-life crisis, because where is mid-life for any of us, really? You don’t know what to expect from one day to the next!

But here’s the good news. We have a choice. Life is lived in the manner that we choose to live it, and that’s where YOLO comes into play. I’m not saying you have to jump out of a plane to feel alive. I’m saying that each and every day is truly a gift. Even the ones spent lying on the couch, watching Frasier reruns on Netflix. We get to make those decisions on how we spend our days, and who we get to surround ourselves with, and the type of energy and positivity (or at times, negativity) we want to extend out into the world. It’s special to be alive, and even though we haven’t the faintest idea as to when our time is up on Earth, it only means we should truly appreciate what (and who) we have. Cherish yourself. Cherish your loved ones. Though you’ll never see me plummeting out of the sky, I’m still living my life to the best of my ability, depending on the day, my mood, and what’s going on in my world.

I’m still YOLO’ing. YO. And it feels fantastic! Here’s to another wonderful day, and hopefully, many many more on the horizon.



2 thoughts on “YOLO, YO”

  1. Great post! Tho my dreams are usually about forgetting to study for a test (wth??). And nice use of Eminem! Great minds … 🙂

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