Dear Sara: A Letter To Myself (Revisited)

Almost two years ago, I wrote a “Dear Sara” letter to myself, to that sweet, young girl I used to be.

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For this week, Melissa has asked that we choose one of three topics: (She was inspired by this article– tragic, yet hauntingly beautiful. )

1. Write a letter to yourself in 10 years from now.

2. Write a letter to yourself from 10 years ago.

3. Write a letter to your current self FROM yourself from 10 years ago.



Hello there. How’s the big 4 5 treating you?

I’m very hopeful, when it comes to us. So much to be thankful for, and my biggest wish is that it’s carried out for you. For us.

Are you still writing? A blog? A book? Anything? It’s so important to you. I know there are days you feel stripped of creativity, but the words are always there, just beneath the surface. Getting rich and being famous has never been the goal, but being heard… there’s the objective. That’s the brass ring, baby, and it’s only set as high as you choose to jump for it. If you’ve squelched your desires, I’m giving you a kick in the pants from a decade away. A reminder that you shouldn’t be afraid to try, or to go for what you want in this life.

How are the kids? By this time, Big Guy should be nearing eighteen! Eighteen! Little guy will be right on his heels, and entering teendom. I hope they know just how important they are, and will always be to you. How instrumental they’ve been in shaping who you are in this life, and how much you love them. My guess is, they hate your guts right now, like teens often do with their parents at that age, but you and I both know how fast it goes by, and life goes in stages and phases. They’ll appreciate you again, and appreciate the relationship you have.

How’s the old ball and chain? (Snicker, snicker). That just doesn’t sound right where the husband is concerned, does it? I mean, you’ve kissed a few frogs (and even married a couple!) before finding your proverbial prince. He’s an amazing man, and you’ll be celebrating your 15th wedding anniversary this year. Did you go on that trip to Hawaii? I sure hope so. I don’t know if you remember, but years ago, someone once told you how totally normal it was to be miserable in a marriage, and that never settled right. You knew that there had to be more, and you found him. He’s not perfect- and neither are you, my dear, but together you come pretty damn close. So, if you’ve stopped holding hands or giving each other much-needed hugs and kisses, you’d better grab that man right now, and don’t let him go. Never let go.

How’s the fitness holding up in your world? Are you still running? Doing yoga? Listen- do what makes you feel good. But don’t stop. Don’t sit and watch the world pass you by; be part of your world. Being active has always been an intricate part to feeling good, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Even if people tell you otherwise, or tell you to slow down and to give up. Something I’m learning in this decade, is to listen to that internal voice, and stop trying to make everyone else happy. You can’t please them all! You’ve got this one life- do you want to live it by doing what everyone else thinks you should do, or doing what fills your heart and your life with joy?

That’s what I thought.

I hope you’re easier on yourself, and that you’ve let some things go. You know what I am referring to, even if no one else does. They don’t have to- I’m speaking directly to you. You’re a good person, and your heart is always in the right place, and you do the best you can. Don’t ever forget that, and don’t ever let anyone else make you feel less than. You’ve had enough of that to last you for one lifetime, and it’s just not worth stressing over, or worrying about.

Take care of yourself, and those you love. Never forget to enjoy the sunshine, and most of all, remember this: It’s okay to be happy. You deserve happiness!

With much love, your friend,

Sara Lea


3 thoughts on “Dear Sara: A Letter To Myself (Revisited)”

  1. I absolutely love this Sari!!!!! Gosh, I’ve known you for 14 years now and as the time passed you’re only gotten better and better! I’m 100% sure in 10 more years you’ll be even more fabulous! I love you my friend. =)

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