The Photos I Cherish…

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I was lounging in my living room, looking at this particular photo:

;ovAnd I thought: What photos are important to my fellow bloggers in the group? And I came up with this: Share with us various photos from your life and give us brief descriptions of why they are so valuable to you. It can be personal photos, or otherwise (like professional/artist photos, etc.)

This was a tough assignment for me. I have a ton of photos, and many of them have special stories that are linked to the moment. I decided to choose ones that I felt drawn to, ones that surprised me, the ones that filled me with emotion. Those special moments caught on film.


My aunt took this one. It was at our wedding, and the little guy (now a big guy, he’ll be 9 in May) asked if we’d lift him up so his feet wouldn’t get cold from the ocean water. I love how my husband and I are holding the big guy, cradling him.

9022_142000533680_1109868_nWe went to an apple orchard, and I was filled with the need to run! You can see how much joy I was feeling in that moment. It’s all over my face!

9022_163064988680_5599031_nA friend of mine took some professional photos of me, and I like how real I am. I’m not wearing make-up, and I’m not fancy, and that’s how I live my life. This truly is me.

69126_10151143870113681_1934173130_nBig guy wanted to climb the tree. Whenever I see this photo, the word that comes to mind is “possibilities”.

524464_10151085422058681_276586189_nAnother one with the big guy. He sat out on the dock, and that was it. I knew this was the right moment for a photo. Perfect serenity.

1235988_10151707890968681_1614438503_nAnother apple orchard trip. My husband and the little guy were walking down the gravel path, with a farm house in the distance. It’s one of my favorites.

999770_10151681302663681_475118429_nChildhood friends. We’ve known each other for many years. I was in my home town for her wedding, and it was a mini-reunion for us.

preggobelly-1Pregnant with the big guy, 2005. Changed my life forever.

sarakev2009. A day I’ll never forget.


All three of my guys. We’d gone on a trip to South Dakota. I love them dearly.

sararunMy first half marathon. The first race I’d ever done, period. 2009. I was filled with excitement and trepidation. Would I get through it?

allofusFriendships that will never die.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEven when we lose someone, that friendship never goes away. They never go away.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m a big nature lover. There nothing better than lying in the grass in your own backyard, and looking up through the trees.

Oregon coast

The Oregon Coast.

4A friend took this photo. I love how soulful he looks.


I always joke and say that Tank was my longest male relationship. He was a great cat.

My sister and I

A moment with my sister. I don’t remember what made us laugh.

DSC02962Childhood friends.

1426727_10151836951468681_240610099_nWhere it all begins.


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