A Thursday Do Over

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It was Tracey’s topic choice for this week: Think of a story that on the surface seemed to be seen as a negative situation. Tell us that story. Then, tell us that same story but tell it from a positive point of view.

Last month, I picked a topic regarding our favorite and least favorite day of the week. I picked Thursday as the day that I’d prefer to make like Garfield. You know, hiding beneath the covers, content on letting the day pass me by until sweet, sweet Friday. To catch yourself up on my woes and tribulations pertaining to Thursday, click here.

Since I’ve already blogged about the negativity of Thursday, I won’t be repeating my sob story. Click on the link above, and you’ll get an eyeful. I’m sick at home today with a stomach bug, and I’m sparing myself from being overly redundant. If you aren’t buying it, chalk it up to laziness. Call me a slacker, I don’t care, but I’ll tell you what. I really have turned my attitude around, when it comes to Thursdays. And I should get a gold star for working on this post while tucked into bed, but I’ll spare you the details of my sickness. Let’s just say I’ve had an epiphany recently where Thursdays are involved, and I’d like to share that positivity with you today.

Any day during the week is what you make of it. (Sorry Garfield. That pertains to Mondays, too). And while I’ve always had an abrasive response to the abundance of items on my to-do list on Thursdays, I know I can let go, and be gentler on myself. I don’t have to make a ton of plans on that day. There are other days in the week, and what doesn’t get done today can be saved for another day. The world won’t end if there’s a little procrastination on my part.

Here’s my Thursday, revisited: In the morning, I take the 3-year old to the local library, for preschool storytime. We meet up with good friends, and while the little guy gets to hang with his preschool cronies, I get to hang with the adults. It’s a win-win for all of us. After returning home and having lunch, the little guy heads to bed for a much-needed nap, and I get some down time. Thursday afternoons, I’d usually be working on a blog post for my blog group, but I’ve decided to move that to Wednesdays. It gives me more time to get those creative juices flowing (even with a stomach bug), and now on Thursday afternoons, I can work on other writing projects that sit way too long on the back burner. Or nap. Whatever feels good.

I’m finally understanding that the more relaxed I am, the more relaxed my children will be. Big Brother isn’t trying to cram in a ton of homework on Thursday afternoons. I’ve talked with him about Thursday afternoons, and how busy it gets, so he tries to have his homework completed by Wednesday so he doesn’t have to worry about homework on a Thursday. He’s calmer, and the little guy follows in Big Brother’s footsteps, you know? They feed off each other. Meals are still prepared in the crockpot, and I allot for plenty of time for uniform preparedness. We get to karate class early, and I feel as though our afternoons are rolling along much more smoothly.

Here’s what really changed my attitude, though: Big Brother LOVES karate. It’s his passion in life. While parent helping has it’s ups and downs, he’s so proud that I’m assisting his sensei. It’s something we get to share together, a special task that Mom and Son get to engage in. He’s so proud, that he’d rather me miss his once a year elementary school concert, than miss out on parent helping. I kid you not. When I told him his upcoming concert conflicts with karate at the end of this month, he told me he’d rather me go and help out his sensei than see him sing in concert. He suggested my husband record the whole thing, so I can see it later. It would mean a lot to him if I kept up with my obligations, and go to karate. For my kid, the karate class he misses can be made up the following week, but for this mom (yes, me), it showcases just how important karate is to him, and how important it is for me to continue parent helping. I’m still exhausted. It’s still frustrating at times, but it’s getting better. Knowing I’m doing this for my kid makes it more than worth it, and anyway….

For all we know, he might just be the next Bruce Lee, or Chuck Norris.


3 thoughts on “A Thursday Do Over”

    1. Thank you, Melissa! You know, it really is true that changing your outlook on a situation can very well change the whole vibe of it. This is what Thurs looks like for us, now.. and I am liking Thurs a whole lot more!

  1. Very clever taking one of our “shared” negatives and turning it right around. You have important messages wrapped up in here. It is amazing what our kids take away from us, especially when we aren’t thinking about it. Great post!

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